Best Oscars Movies 2024: and the winner is…


Discover the enchanting intersection of cinema and lifestyle with our curated collection inspired by the Best Movie nominations of the 2024 Oscars. Explore how each handpicked product from Hommés Studio captures the essence of these acclaimed films.

In the glittering constellation of cinematic achievements, the Oscars stand as a beacon of excellence, celebrating stories that move, challenge, and inspire us. As the world turns its eyes to the luminous spectacle of the 2024 Academy Awards, we find ourselves mesmerized not just by the artistry on screen but by the profound connections these masterpieces forge with our daily lives. This year’s Best Movie nominations are no exception, each a tapestry of emotion and imagination, weaving narratives that resonate deeply with the human experience.

In the spirit of this cinematic celebration, we’ve embarked on a unique journey at Hommés Studio, curating a selection of products that echo the essence and enchantment of each Best Oscars Movie nominee. Just as each film crafts its story with meticulous detail, every product in our collection has been chosen for its ability to bring a piece of these extraordinary stories into your home and life.

1. The Holdovers

For a movie set in a school or academic setting in the 70’s, you might find interiors that reflect the institutional yet personal spaces typical of such environments. Classrooms are functional, with educational posters, wooden desks, and chalkboards, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Dorm rooms or faculty offices are adorned with personal touches that reflect the characters’ personalities and backgrounds, such as book-laden shelves, vintage lamps, and period-appropriate technology.

The use of darker, richer colors and heavy furniture like brown wood, maroon and blue navy tones suggest a more traditional, perhaps stifling, atmosphere, while brighter, more eclectic decor could hint at a character’s rebellious and innovative spirit like yellow mustard. In this oscars nominee we can experience both of these vibes at the same time and playing with those we suggest our Zimmer Dining Table.

  • Zimmer Dining Table By HOMMÉS STUDIO

    Zimmer Dining Table

    Dining Table 17.500,00

2. American Fiction

American Fiction is set in present-day Boston, drawing inspiration from the city’s vibrant cultural setting to craft its scenic backdrop. Rooted in the historical legacy of Boston, the film’s set design pays homage to the city’s rich heritage with nods to traditional home decor, featuring antique furniture, intricate wood paneling, and ornate decorative moldings. Additionally, this Oscars nominee is infused with the spirit of the black community and the Harlem Renaissance, lending a sense of cultural depth and resonance. Amidst the historical references, there’s a touch of elegance and prestige, reflecting the enduring influence of Boston’s diverse and dynamic identity

American Fiction further enriches its visual narrative through a carefully curated palette that combines earthy tones and rich, vibrant hues, mirroring the diverse fabric of Boston itself. This color scheme not only enhances the film’s historical authenticity but also adds layers of emotion and atmosphere, inviting viewers into a more immersive experience.The stylistic choices, blending sleek modernism with classic elegance, create a unique aesthetic that bridges past and present, showcasing the evolution of design and cultural expressions within the city’s ever-changing landscape, really Oscars material. Because of its mix of different times and style we chose our Folk Center Table.

  • Folk Center Table By HOMMÉS STUDIO

    Folk Center Table

    Center Table 3.600,00

3. Barbie

Barbie‘s cinematic home was reinvented as a fuchsia fantasy. The home is inspired by Palm Springs’ midcentury modernism and has a slide that coils into a kidney-shaped pool. This Oscars nominee’s final goal was to construct a fanciful environment in which pink was the focal color. The team expertly coordinated the use of materials by pairing a sequined coverlet with a velvet-upholstered clamshell headboard in Barbie’s bedroom.

The Barbie Dreamhouse in the movie is a modernist marvel, reflecting a variety of Dreamhouse styles throughout Barbie’s history. With the color pink as the main color throughout all movie set, we chose of course a product with that same color, the Ajui Sofa Magenta.

  • Ajui Sofa Magenta by HOMMÉS Studio

    Ajui Sofa Magenta

    Sofa 9.180,00

4. Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer is set in a historical context, the design team focuses on authenticity and accuracy to recreate the environment of Los Alamos during the pivotal moments of Robert Oppenheimer’s life. The colors used in the interior design are muted tones and earthy hues, typical of the mid-20th century. In this oscars nominee we can se a mix of mid-century modern furniture, characterized by clean lines, organic forms, and minimal ornamentation and mores traditional furniture.

This oscars nominee’s interior design help create a visually compelling and historically accurate representation of the environment where key scenes were filmed. Considering the interior design and the movie theme we chose our Chess Center Table.

  • Chess Center Table By HOMMÉS STUDIO

    Chess Center Table

    Center Table 4.600,00

5. Poor Things

Poor things is a movie set in the 1930’s, that demonstrates beauty and elegance in a versatile way, being easily suitable to many different cities. The set of this oscars nominee movie is supposed to show how the main character sees the word, so with that comes a lot of different colors, like pink, yellow and green; a lot of different styles, like furniture with animal forms and just traditional antique wood furniture|; and also a lot of different texture, like the presence of a lot of rugs.

Poor things’ movie set is viewed a very soft and comfortable place. With all the different textures, colors and styles that you would think is a mess is actually a big match. And for that we chose our most different and edgy piece Burton Cabinet.

  • Burton Cabinet by Hommés Studio
    Get Price

    Burton Cabinet

    Storage 14.000,00

6. Past Lives

The interior design of the movie “Past Lives” is intricately crafted to enhance the storytelling and evoke emotions. The set design of this oscars nominee is characterized by a blend of modern aesthetics and emotional depth, enhancing the narrative through visual storytelling. The decor of the living places is modest and lived-in, mirroring the characters’ domestic life and relationships.

In terms of colors, the movie utilizes a palette that complements the emotional landscape of the story. The use of neutral tones in the set design and costumes helps create a sense of comfort, safety, and mundanity in the characters’ lives. Inspired by the iconic bar scene we chose our beautiful piece Leafus Sconce.

  • Leafus Sconce by Hommés Studio

    Leafus Sconce

    Sconce & Wall Lamp 3.200,00

7. Anatomy of a Fall

The movie the Anatomy of a Fall is set in a modern townhouse in London’s Mayfair, the design aims to portray the traditional style of architecture and the wealth of the characters. The house features a mix of Georgian period architecture with contemporary elements, showcasing a blend of old wealth and modern sophistication. The production designer drew inspiration from British design bibles like British House and Garden, along with Georgian design references, to create a space that reflects the characters’ background and taste.

This oscars nominee explores the color palette transitions from light tones in communal areas to darker hues in more private spaces, symbolizing different aspects of the characters’ lives. Inspired by the house and the setting where the movie is placed we chose our beautiful Max Armchair Cream.

  • Max Armchair Cream by Hommés Studio

    Max Armchair Cream

    Armchair 6.200,00

8. Maestro

The interior design of the movie “Maestro” is intricately detailed to reflect the historical settings and personal tastes of the characters. The film spans from the 1940s to the 1980s, showcasing a range of decor styles that evolve with the characters over time. The modern interior design in the film features clean lines, sleek surfaces, and a minimalist approach. Neutral tones serve as a backdrop for bold pops of color in art and furnishings, creating a contemporary yet vibrant atmosphere. Elements like metal, chrome, and glass add a touch of sophistication to these spaces.

Contemporary interior design styles are also showcased in this oscars nominee featuring minimalism with statement-making furnishings. Soothing grays, neutrals, and whites dominate the color palette, creating a serene ambiance. Modern cabinetry finishes, structured seating arrangements in dining areas, and clean lines in bedrooms contribute to a sleek and sophisticated look that resonates with modern sensibilities.

When it comes to interior design this movie is really worthy of the oscars, since it explores so many different styles feating to different time periods, and for that it was hard to choose only one of our pieces, but we chose our elegant Alice Armchair.

  • Alice Armchair by Hommés Studio

    Alice Armchair

    Armchair 6.650,00

9. Killers of the Flower Moon

The interior design in the movie “Killers of the Flower Moon” was meticulously crafted to reflect historical accuracy and create a compelling visual narrative. The color palette used in the film was inspired by the Osage Nation’s preferences, with yellow being a prominent color due to its significance to the Osage people.

In this oscars nominee, the design producer uses different colors to represent the character’s personality, like red tones to convey the desire to assert dominance and green tones and fine furniture that reflect the Osage people’s evolving tastes at the time. Having into account the movie’s theme and the culture present, we chose a unique piece for this unique movie, the Palm Mirror.

  • Palm Mirror by Hommés Studio

    Palm Mirror

    Mirror 4.900,00

10. The Zone of Interest

The Zone of Interest is an historical German movie set in Poland, during the World War II with its design based in exactly that. This oscars nominee is set in a house both in its interior and exterior, built to match the one of the commander of Auschwitz. Making its interior and exterior decoration a perfect example of a well-appointed house of its time, with sturdy wooden furniture and folk-inspired motifs.

The Zone of Interest incorporates complementary, split contemporary, and monochromatic color schemes to evoke different emotions and enhance visual impact. The exterior design utilizes contrasting colors to highlight architectural features and create distinct moods that complement various architectural styles. Inspired by the exterior part of the house from the set, we chose our gorgeous Marina Armchair.

  • Marina Armchair by Hommés Studio

    Marina Armchair

    Armchair 3.500,00

If you liked this articule and would like to read more about the interior design of oscars movies that are nominated this year, check this article: Oscars 2024: The Breathtaking Top 5 Set Designs Of This Year

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