Step Inside the Barbie Dream House – Explore the Fuchsia Fantasy


The most anticipated movie of the year, Barbie, presents an enchanting home beyond imagination. Discover fuchsia fantasy on the Barbie Dream House.

The highly anticipated Barbie movie stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, bringing the beloved doll to life in a stunning live-action adaptation. One of the film’s highlights is the breathtaking Barbie Dream House, designed with a modern and vibrant pink interior. This extraordinary Dream House was constructed at Warner Bros Studio in London and promised to captivate audiences with its charm and beauty.

The Barbie Dream House is a paradise with a lively Fuchsia theme and an open-concept floor plan. Greta Gerwig, the film director with the production designer Sarah Greenwood, and set decorator Katie Spencer drew inspiration from Palm Springs’s midcentury modern aesthetics to create the Barbie Dream House. Let’s look at the charming pink home’s interior design and aesthetic of Barbie’s dream house.

Barbie Dream House

Inside the Dream House of Barbie

The life-size version of Barbie’s Dream House, designed to mirror the famous toy line, was truly remarkable. It brought the fictional world to life in a stunning and immersive way. Inside, the Dream House was a colorful and glamorous representation of Barbie’s signature style. The Barbie Dream House is a lovely three-story home with a vibrant fuchsia hue, midcentury furniture, and a great slide of the life-size leading to a kidney-shaped pool.

The team behind Gerwig thoroughly researched the various Old Hollywood styles, including films and indoor/outdoor furnishings, to create the ideal dream house for Barbie. The London set of Barbie Dream House boasts many meticulously crafted pieces, such as hand-painted artworks and handmade items. Instead of relying on CGI, the backdrop features a beautiful hand-painted depiction of the sky and the San Jacinto Mountains.

Every room in the house has been carefully crafted to embody a distinct theme or facet of Barbie’s life, inviting fans to immerse themselves in her world. The first floor boasts a luxurious living space and dining area, decorated in the signature pink palette and offering direct access to the no-water pool.

The outdoor area of the Dream House boasts a stunning pink slide that gracefully curves into a kidney-shaped pool, adding a sense of adventure and playfulness. The design team captured the essence of a dreamy home with a modern touch, complemented by captivating trompe l’oeil Tiffany lamps and the Philippe Starck lounge chairs. These outdoor items provide the perfect spot for the Barbies of the movie to relax and have an ideal moment outside.

pink slide to the pool
living area with pink palette

Gerwing and the designers wanted this dream house to be entirely pink. The vivid hue, reminiscent of Barbie’s iconic abode, made us fall in love with this charming dollhouse. The fuchsia pink and various shades of pink used in the interior design are incomparable. On the second floor of the Barbie House, we find the most wanted closet in the world and the magical bedroom.

This enchanting closet features a lively pink color scheme and includes a magnificent vitrine for displaying perfectly coordinated outfits. It serves as the starting point for creating magical looks reminiscent of the world of dolls, where outfits and hairstyles can be changed in an almost unrealistic manner. The charmed bedroom of Barbie is a delightful haven. The team combined a velvet-upholstered clamshell headboard with a sequined coverlet.

Turning Dreams into Reality

This incredible adaptation of the world’s most famous doll will debut on July 21st, and it promises to be as iconic as her Dream House. The life-size Barbie Dream House offers a beautiful space for imagination and making dreams a reality. The interior design is crafted with attention to detail, and the vibrant colors create a visually stunning setting. It captures the hearts and sparks the imagination of everyone who owns a Barbie doll.

In the film, the Barbie House is an impressive masterpiece that flawlessly merges the creative world of toys with a stunning fuchsia color scheme and modern decor, perfectly embodying Barbie’s signature style. We hope the breathtaking tour of the Barbie Dream House has inspired you to be creative and unique, just as it has inspired us. For more dreamy interior design ideas for your luxurious living space, explore our projects page.

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Photos: Jaap Buitendijk/ Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures 

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