Art Deco Style Pink Hotel – Explore the Memorable Am Hof 8 Project


Embracing its history, this Vienna-located art deco style hotel puts a spin on the plain traditional with an eccentric pink palette

art deco style

Located in Vienna, Austria, this clubhouse is nestled in one of the city’s most historic squares, Am Hof. Known as The Kattus Haus, the edifice has been owned by the Kattus family for over three centuries. The property, nominated Am Hof 8, is a private members Club that takes its name from its prominent address. As the construction was built in 1508, this now modern version of a gentlemen’s club occupies a Renaissance-style structure. And although this form was preserved through, for example, the remains of the former castle walls and parts of a Roman wall, the design of this hotel is influenced by an art deco style and pinkish colors.

With nine extensive floors and the goal of creating luxurious and exotic socializing places, as well as an atmosphere that would feel comfortable to exchange ideas or build essential connections, of course, it had to be able to act like a sanctuary. For this reason, each room has its unique decor thoughtfulness by London-based Austrian interior designer Theresa Obermoser. However, transforming a historic building into a private club is challenging, and it took Johannes, namesake descendant and CEO of Kattus Group, and Theresa over three years to finish.

art deco style

As this building had to provide many functions, these art deco style hotel facilities included bars, restaurants, a shared workplace and meeting rooms, five hotel rooms, a basement nightclub under the building’s Medieval barrel vaults, and a hidden rooftop terrace. Every one of them with its own unique design, yet, all the rooms share a nostalgic aesthetic of understated classical luxury.

As desired, Theresa was able to maintain and transform Vienna’s heritage. The designer accomplished that by connecting the city’s rich culture with vibrant colors, mainly pink, with plush, velvety fabrics and exotic patterns, filling the art deco style hotel with sophistication while also spreading playfulness.

The whole hotel exhales a deep warm feeling. This sensation was achieved thanks to the custom-made furniture, the use of wallpaper and its design, several art collection objects, and especially the combination of rough and soft textures, such as ceramics and bronze, natural stone, velvet, linen, and silk. Another vital element for this room to float in harmony is logically the color scheme. This feature is definitely well-thought. Even though it has diverse colors, they all belong in the same art deco style and float between remarkably similar tones and vibes, creating an overall pink environment.

The line between designing a creative, amusing space and creating an overwhelming area is thin. This is where a design project usually fails or shines. Therefore, achieving an elegant balance between these characteristics is immensely demanding. Even so, Theresa Obermoser successfully decorated this art deco style clubhouse. Despite the diverse range of stylistic references and the bold palette, she produced the opposite of an out-of-place scenario. She was able to maintain its elegance.

Even when the designer chooses a simple and plain background, she is always capable of transforming it and animating it a bit with rich and unique decorations and furniture, yet, never ruining or affecting the room’s luxury. For instance, if she picks a rich one-color wall that exhales sophistication, she would emphasize that lux by highlighting a glamorous and atypical lamp or centering a peculiar table with a curious pattern.

One of Theresa’s purposes in this art deco style hotel was to simulational celebrate Vienna’s ageless elegance, making the private club guests feel like they had just arrived in the Austrian city and that are in an extraordinary and new exotic place. Intending to do that, the designer filled every area with its character and vibrant colors, exotic patterns, tropical plants, and, in some places, mainly the bathrooms, even wild animal prints.

The outdoor living space couldn’t be left out regarding this art deco style hotel’s lively pink aura! This rooftop terrace, covered in rose hues, reflects in perfection the Austrian city craved energy and comfort, transporting anyone to the ultimate desired exotic dream.

This beautiful building is a flawless example to prove that traditional structures, a creative art deco style, and a peachy palette can indeed work magnificently to create a cozy yet elegant space. To dive even more into this art deco vibe, check out 10 Art Deco furniture to infuse your project with the timeless elegance of this style.

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