The Best Interior Design Trends From Maison&Objet Paris 2023


Colorful accents, slow living, and geometric return are some of the interior design trends spotted during the Maison&Objet Paris 2023. Check out the best nine tendencies from the fair that promises to be all around this year.

2023 has everything to be a bold year – and the Maison&Objet Paris trade fair 2023 reaffirmed it – the event that happened in the city of light from the 19th to the 23rd of January spread some beautiful inspiration and highlight interior design trends that promise to be all around this year. We spotted some incredible trends from the fair, and in this article, we will share the best nine tendencies you should keep your eyes on when designing your next project.

9 Interior Design Trends

After the atypical times that we have lived in the last few years – new needs are emerging, and the desire for more authenticity is all around. The world is asking for more creativity, and all the industries are reflecting this need – from fashion, art, and interior – we see more originality, colors, and bold choices. During the Maison&Objet, it was notable -and the expositors were bursting with creativity.

Forget the Scandinavian and too-refined spaces; the interior design trends that emerged during the fair show the return of a striking, colorful, authentic design. Even though this year promises to be bold, it didn’t lose the concern about the environment and the world that we live in – so together with the urge of creativity, we remain with the ecological issues, looking for the use of recycled plastic, sourced wood, raw and sustainable materials such as lime and travertine. But now, no more talking; time to go straight to our point: the best interior design trends that we spotted on Maison&Objet; check them out:

1- Take Care: the rising of the slow living

We will start our interior design trends highlights with the slogan of Maison&Objet Paris, Take Care. This year, the fair aimed to honor slow living and the art of living in slow motion, a trend that we have seen in the last few years and that will still be in vogue in 2023.

Slow living is a lifestyle that emphasizes taking a slower and mindful approach to all aspects of everyday life. Regarding the interiors, it aims to highlight the new ways of creating spaces focusing on functional cocoon layouts and ways of being more responsible for their choices. Take Care, and the rising of slow living is a reminder to carry about the interiors and ourselves.

2- A fashion touch: it’s time for statement sofas

Now, talking about specific pieces, we spotted trendy sofas emphasizing that they are the centerpiece of any living room but can also be a fashion statement. From Maison&Objet, we noticed the emergence of curved and modular sofas that can be comfortable, fashionable, and adaptable for specific room needs.

3- More Colors: more personality and colorful choices

Prepare yourself to meet bright interiors in 2023 because the interior design trends for this year are about more character. Looking for that, adding a touch of color is one of the best ways to share feelings and explore creativity- from warm and cool colors, this year’s tendencies aim for more shades.

This tendency also follows the comeback of the Memphis movement – and highlights color accents in seats, rugs, mirrors, lamps, and decorative objects – in other words – in every home detail to make the interiors even more bold, vivid, and with an extra dose of personality. From yellow, blue, pink, orange, and even green – the hues will awaken the creative and artistic flair with stunning color combinations.

4- Boldness everywhere: the return of geometric

Remember when we told you that 2023 has everything to be a bold year? The interior design trends show that boldness will be everywhere, and the return of geometric patterns to the interiors will help to activate it. During the Maison&Objet was significant the interest of designers in geometry – from graphic collections to bold Memphis-inspired designs.

The return of geometric is not exclusive to furniture, even though these pieces will highlight different perspectives and incredible patterns, but it may be seen in fabrics, rugs, and everywhere that is possible to add a bold geometric accent. In 2023, the interiors will have more curves inspired by the 70s and 80s and add flow to the homes.

5- Handmade is better: the artisanal revival

From Mason&Objet Paris, we spotted many interior design trends, and the artisanal revival is one of them. This nostalgic trend reflects on the past to reinvent existing patterns and artisanal design and emphasize art and craft furniture and accessories as statement pieces. Following the slow-living tendency and the meanings behind the design choices, the artisanal shows that handmade pieces can add value to the interiors by sharing cultural values and emphasizing quality.

6- Bringing the outdoors inside: versatile pieces for everywhere

Many of the interior design trends we spotted on Maison&Objet Paris seem to be inspired by environmental concerns – one of these trends is the versatile pieces that can be used for indoor or outdoor areas, showing that it is possible to create solutions that can be adapted to different needs. For 2023, the interiors will welcome furniture that will go just as well in a living room as on a deck. 

7- Revisiting the past – the return of the antique style.

There were many inspirations and interior design trends in Maison&Objet Paris, and the return of the antique style is one of them. For 2023 we will discover unique interiors where realistic or reinvented pieces will make us feel like entering a museum full of personality. The revisiting of the past and the return of antique style honors the world’s legacy and also go the encounter of sustainability by bringing vintage pieces to vogue again and reusing what already has been produced in new layouts.

8- Furniture as art: the architectural-inspired pieces

Another stunning discovery from the Maison&Objet Paris was that the interior design trends for 2023 will feature furniture as works of art. With pieces inspired by brutalism and architectural lines – highlighting sculptural legs, geometric perceptions, and beautiful materials, it will make the furniture the statement of art for any room -adding boldness and personality.

9- Future of living: between comfort and raw materials

The interior design trends for 2023 presented on the Maison&Objet Paris show that the future of living will concentrate on comfortable and raw materials. Regarding the slow living and environmental concerns, wooden, marble, travertine, and other rich natural materials will be spotlighted in the interiors. These natural materials will also help to add more texture and colors to the spaces. Using raw materials will be followed by comfort, where the furniture design will concentrate on ergonomics to create restful and cocoon spaces.

The Maison&Objet Paris guaranteed many inspirations for this year and helped to share the interior design trends that promise to be in vogue in interiors worldwide. In this article, we gathered some of the best trends – and as you can notice, this will be a bold, colorful and meaningful year. To help you to embrace the interior design trends in your upcoming projects, check out 12 Pieces of Furniture Trends 2023 To Decorate Like a Pro.

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