7 Luxurious Outdoor Areas to Get Inspired


Summer is here, and to help you to enjoy the best of this season, we selected seven private outdoor areas in Los Angeles to inspire you.

With the arrival of Summer, one wish usually comes: enjoy the long days of this season in a beautiful outdoor area. To help you to create a unique space at your home to relish the long days of this season, we selected seven private outdoor areas in Los Angeles, Prepare yourself to brighten up your ideas.

1. A Unique Outdoor Area

This project has a particular that makes it more special: it was designed by a mother to a son. When Brandon Creed decided to buy and renovate a home in Los Angeles, he didn’t think twice and signed up her mother, the interior designer Shari Creed from Creed Studio, for the task. As a result, they worked together and trusted each other to accomplish a beautiful home as Brandon wished. For the outdoor area, the son and mother went for a personalized space – with a firepit and beautiful garden.

2. A Luxury Malibu Outdoor Area

This stunning outdoor area belongs to the fashion advisor Melissa Akkaway’s home in Malibu. As a fashion advisor, Melissa helps her readers to find their style – so, as expected for her home – the space shows a lot o style in the indoor and outdoor areas. The space was projected to suit all the needs of Akkaway’s family and be the perfect spot for gathering. The highlights of this fantastic area are the victory garden and the dining area with an outdoor kitchen.

3. A breathtaking indoor-outdoor area

The dazzling landscape was the principal responsible for making Whitney Cumming buy this house outside Los Angeles that reminds her childhood in Virginia and West Virginia. With that in mind, the interior designer, Jake Arnold, went for a layout where the landscape would be the star of the house. Arnold’s work highlighted the outstanding indoor-outdoor area where the landscape blends with the interior.

4. An outdoor refugee

Designed by the famous architect John Lautner this property dates from the 60s and is now home to the filmmakers Joachim Rønning and his wife. When the couple purchased the house, they counted on the architect and interior designer, Clive Wilkinson, to help stylish and renovate the space. Together, the couple and the designer worked to bring back to life the fantastic pool that today is one of the highlights of this spectacular place.

5. Outdoor area with a spectacular view

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In this house in Silver Lake, the outdoor area leads to one of the most famous spots in Los Angeles – the Hollywood sign. Together with the beautiful view, elegant furniture completes the pool deck. To active this stunning scenario, it was necessary to gut the property.

6. Indoor-outdoor area with a Pool

outdoor area

Everyone has one favorite room at your house – but sometimes the favorite space can be outside. It’s the case of this historic house, where the indoor-outdoor pool area becomes the favorite spot for the family. Here, the pool area was incorporated into the living room with a glass wall that can open easily to double the area. The project is signed by the designer Barbara Bestor.

7. A charming dining area

When the designer and artist, Kathy Taslitz, started to design her dream home – she had something clear: it required to be a space to gather with friends and family. One of the house spaces that is perfect for reunions is the luxury dining outdoor area where Taslitz mixed the green pallet of vegetation with Midwestern roots touches.


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