Outdoor Art Worldwide – The Most Famous Installations II


Last week, Outdoor Art Worldwide has begun with the most incredible architecture and design. Today, we follow the same way to show you more famous installations across the world.

The High Line – New York, US

Outdoor Art

The High Line has the mid-19th-century tradition of en Plein air painting is getting a new transformation. By the hands of this group exhibition, leading by Daniel Buren, Sam Falls, Ei Arawka, Vivian Suter, and more. This art elevates nature as his context, subject, and collaborator.

Philadelphia Museum Of Art – Philadelphia, US

Outdoor Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has ten-strong Blockworks sculptures guarding the museum. Antony Gormley is the mind behind it! According to the Artist, “Like standing stones, these works are markers in space, but I would also like them to engage the viewer’s time”.

Paleis Het Loo – Apeldoorn, Netherlands

art design

Daniel Libeskind, a Polish-American architect, has entered this 17th-century baroque garden in the Netherlands and once he did it, has transformed it into a garden full of art. A series of monumental sculptures appear as protests against climate change. The “Garden of Earthly Worries” consists of four works of art that create balance within nature.

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc – Antibes, France

Outdoor Art

Here you can find an elegant French Hotel, surrounded by a few monumental sculptures by Anthony Cragg. The works, like the one in the image, are derived from the contours of gestural drawings. In fact, the structure of these works of art gives their skin the tension of a membrane, and by doing that they reflect the basic structures of many organisms, organs, plants, and animals.

Bay Of Art – Póznan, Poland

Outdoor Art

Bay of Art in Poland has the heart and mind of the artist Alicja Biala and the architect Iwo Borkowicz. They have come up with six towering wooden totem poles beneath the MVDVR-design Baltyk building. With the intention of protest against climate change. A very important detail about this Outdoor Art is that the colors and forms were made by hand, where politicians, woodworkers, students, activists, and other members of the community have worked together.

Prada Foundation – Milan, Italy

worldwide art

Where class and elegance prospers, is where the Prada Foundation is set. Here you can see a monumental building, designed by Rem Koolhaas with Chris van Duijin and Federico Pompignoli from OMA. It has six levels of exhibition spaces, and it’s worth climbing the 60m high tower to the rooftop terrace. There you’ll find a hypnotic, eye bending installation.

Eden Project – Cornwall, UK

Outdoor Art

Let us continue our journey through the most popular Outdoor Art across the world. Now with Eden Project in the UK. When Studio Swine’s breathing sculpture has appeared at the Eden Project, it was the moment when Cornwall was put on the map. Because of that, it has become a budding destination for contemporary art.

Public Art Fund and 14-18 NOW – New York, US

Outdoor Art

Once again, we travel to the US, where we can find the historic Fireboat John J Harvey transformed into a dazzle ship. This boat has the artistic hand of Tauba Auerbach.

Dubai Creek Harbour – Dubai, UAE

art design

Dubai is the city where we can discover outstanding buildings and artistic works, has the Bouquet of Balloons. Standing 30ft tall and crafted in mirror-finished stainless steel. The polished spheres reflect the ever-changing environment around them.

Chatsworth House – Derbyshire, UK

Outdoor Art

To conclude our article on Outdoor Art, we go back to the UK. Where Chatsworth worked with Alessandro Michele to bring Rachel Feinstein. Rachel is an artist and she created a new commission for the Grotto, called Britannia.

This is how we end this journey around the world!

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