The Passionate Bryce Dallas Howard’s Home in Los Angeles 


Peek inside The Jurassic World star – Bryce Dallas Howard’s home in Los Angeles – a place full of inspiration, treasures, and meaningful stories where a mix of organic glamour style and Hollywood storytelling enabled to create this charming interior design layout.

home in Los Angeles

One charming pink home with meaningful stories to share – this was the home that Howard and her husband, Seth Gabel, dreamed about and now have, thanks to the support of the interior designer, Claire Thomas.

This home in Los Angeles belongs to Bryce Dallas a famous actor and director, with notable works such as the Jurassic World and the Twilight series. She and her husband, fellow actor Seth Gabel, wanted a home where those who visit could think about the meaning of the details – but more than that, a home that communicated their background.

The encounter between a creative person, Howard, and a problem-solving master, Thomas, was a success and turned this home into the perfect place for Bryce and Seth, who had just moved from New York to Los Angeles with their family of four.

In this charming home in Los Angeles, ideas were not an issue – Bryce and Thomas shared the same passion for old Hollywood storytelling, which inspired some spaces of this project. The Hollywood inspiration went beyond – the designer imagined the family as characters on a set to interpret their personalities and home needs.

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The final look of this home in Los Angeles reveals an organic glamour style with Hollywood influences, vibrant furniture, calm Californian vibes, and a pallet color that mixes pink and green tones.

home in Los Angeles

This home in Los Angeles has a charming kitchen- with a mint-toned kitchen island and baby pink cabinets that reveal all the project’s charm. This space shows clever ideas- with a highlight for the ceiling painted in the same color as the cabinets and a mix of textures.

The dining room is a remarkable space of this project – here, the inspiration was the cinema and the Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki– the wall is lined with a wallpaper that reminds the scenario from My Neighbor Totoro. The place almost looks like the forest from the movie, which makes you believe that Totoro will appear here in some time. It’s a magical space that allows beautiful and meaningful memories like those from Miyazaki.

The movie references don’t stay just in the dining room – in the primary bedroom; the reverence was Star Trek: Next Generation, which gives the room a retro-futuristic look. In this space, curving lines provide the 80s vibes.

In the house’s exterior, another movie reference can be found- a mural that reminds the two suns from Tatooine – Luke Skywalker’s hometown, the Star Wars protagonist. ´

Although the house is full o movie connections, it also has space for sentimental objects whats makes this a meaningful home – just like Bryce and Seth dreamed – a home that tells their narrative.


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Source: AD / Photos: Tim Hirschmann

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