Sumei Skyline Coast Boutique Hotel: A Flawless All-White Inspiration


Sumei Skyle Coast is the perfect definition that less is more. Located on the sunny coast of Sanya on China´s Hainan Island, this Boutique Hotel is outstanding. The all-white building can almost be confused with a Greek construction from the exterior. 

The all-white building gets attention because of the color and the modern and organic shape, making this boutique hotel impressive and almost a statement of art. The construction also incorporates the beach’s view like it was always there.

This boutique hotel project by the Chinese firm GS Interiors was completed in 2021. The waves were the inspiration for the designers – they wanted to celebrate the seascape and its forms, and the result is a beautiful layout that shows that an all-white project can be outstanding.

The nature celebration led the designers to go with basic shapes and all-white. There is a balance between the building and the environment –  making this boutique hotel the perfect frame for the sunset or the ocean view.  

The front of the building seems like ocean waves rising and falling along the beach due to the organic and rounded forms used in this project. This inspiration and vibe continue in the interior of this charming boutique hotel, where the natural shapes persist in giving it style.

Inside this boutique hotel, the feeling is to be around beautiful art frames. But it’s just the stunning view from the arc-shaped edge of the windows that give this sensation. This building is almost a blank canvas that changes with time. The elegant furniture also follows the style of the building- the choice here was to go with modern forms, shapes, and, of course, all-white color.

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This fantastic hotel has an all-white pallet, but according to the daytime, it can change. Sometimes it’s all blue when the sun is outside; others, it is an orange tone that changes the vibe as the sunset starts.  It is all thanks to the perfect window frames and aesthetic proportion.

All details from this interior design were meant to give the guests the perfect natural sensation and the feeling of being part of this incredible scenario. It’s the perfect example of how to integrate furniture and interior design.

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Source: Design Boom / Photos: GS design

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