A Bright and Modern Victorian House Renovation in London


Designed by the architect Michaelis Boyd, this Victorian house perfectly matches the old and the new. An imponent Victorian house converted into a bright and modern family home without losing the power and tradition of the exterior design. Addressed in the north of London is where we can find this brilliant home with design renovation signed by the architect Michaellis Boyd and by the interior designer Simone McEwan.


To achieve the final result some audacious interventions were made to increase floor space, to take advantage of the natural light and views of the garden. As a culmination to this amazing victorian home design remodeling is the perfect match between styles and the old and new together.

The Victorian House Renovation

Taking a deeper look into the exterior design of this Victorian house, it is notable that the outside remains almost the same as the original, except for a second-floor mansard extension, which replaced the existing butterfly roof. 

Another addition to the exterior design was a large ground-floor extension in the back of the house, replacing an existing space. As a family residence, this home should have a special gathering space, so a family room was designed where the old garage was with a new timber-clad passage to connect both volumes. 

Inside the Victorian House: Modern shows up

Besides the amazing design work on the outside, this Victorian house also shows how the right furniture and the perfect design choices can make a place look stunning. It’s only in the interior that we can say for sure that this is a modern house. 

The semi-circular staircase that connects all four floors is an eye-catching intervention. It’s beautiful and functional; the funnel from the staircase help to give natural light to the house. Without mentioning, that is a key design to this Victorian house and matches perfectly with the classical outside and the modern inside.

From the outside, this could be a typical Victorian house, but this is not. The inside shows that the classic can meet the new, and one of the high-end choices in this project is a balance between styles. Most of the interior is elegant and neutral, but some rooms give space to modern and vibrant colors. 

A sophisticated petrol blue shows up on the walls and roof of the family room, a vibrant yellow fills one of the bathroom’s walls, and a dark green turn the study room feels comfortable. These choices make a not obvious victorian house and turn on an amazing and modern one. 

Taking a look at the furniture choices, the mix between the classical and contemporary styles is a signature of this Victorian house. Even in minimalist rooms, it’s easy to find some key pieces that make the place look unique. 

This modern and beautiful Victorian House is everything a family can dream of for a home. It’s luxurious, cozy, and modern. It is the perfect balance between styles, and also it has a lot of minor details that give the unique personality of this home.

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Source: Yatzer / Architect Michaellis Boyd / Photographer: Taran Wilkhu.

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