Inside Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s Charming Modern Home Design


Discover Viola Davis and Julius Tennon´s peaceful refugee, a beautiful mix of traditional and modern home design full of stunning inspiration.

We can expect incredible things from the Hollywood stars Viola Davis and Julius Tennon; they are great producers and actors, and their home is full of beautiful inspirations. But more than beautiful, It also has meaningful choices and a peaceful atmosphere where the couple finds their refugee.

The celebrity couple, which has been together for more than 20 years, has just renovated their abode with the help of Los Angeles-based interior designer Michaela Cadiz. The house blends traditional and modern home design – with some pops of colors and stunning patterns. Read on to discover more.

modern home design: viola davis and Julius Tennon portrait

The Inspiration

When Viola Davis and Julius Tennon decided to renovate the Los Angeles abode where they live with their 12 year-old-daughter – the couple was looking for a modern home design that would be less austere.

They wanted more color to brighten up the previous layout, but they didn’t wish to have wild color and at the same time, they were looking for something huge and bold but not aggressive. This description makes it challenging to translate all these ideas into a home interior. Still, the interior designer, Michaela Cadiz, did it in a beautiful way that combined traditional with modern home design.

According to the interior designer, the couple was also looking for a space where they could relax – a peaceful refugee to recover their energy and a unique space that could be beautiful for the eyes and spirit. In other words, the couple was looking for the perfect home that could translate their needs and personality.

Besides the couple’s needs, they were working on The Woman King movie during the home renovation. So many inspirations for the home also came from the stunning landscape and culture of South Africa. In the end, the modern home design translated the needs and inspirations into a perfect home refugee.

modern home design: viola davis and Julius Tennon living room

Inside the Peaceful house

Do you remember everything that Viola Davis and Julius Tennon were looking for? So, it’s time to discover how they activate it into this incredible modern home design that is bold but not aggressive, colorful but not wild, and bright but peaceful.

The modern home design created by Michaela Cadiz translated everything that the famous couple wished for – an interior with stunning artwork and decorative objects, elegant furniture, and many graphic wallpapers to give the colorful vibe that Viola and Julius hoped for. Besides, each home space was designed with a specific meaning due to its needs.

Our first stop in this home tour is at the adjoining Dining and Living area where Barnaba Fornasetti’s cloud wallpaper covers the walls; the renowned pattern, which has long been a favorite among aestheticians and design experts, is contradictory in that it simultaneously conveys calm and chaos. The gentle grisaille color scheme of the cloudscape gives it a pillowy, dreamlike appearance from a distance. And when examined more closely, the sky image changes to a windy one.

Besides the perfect wallpaper choice, the dining room also features an antique dining table in wood that is paired with elegant dining chairs and a sculptural suspension lamp. At the same time, we can notice some touches of the traditional style combined with modern pieces in the living space.

From the living and dining area, we head to the heart of this modern home design, the kitchen – where a stunning island covered with white marble and stunning glass globe pendants make the statement that the room needs and emanates elegant vibes. For the couple, the space is the most room in the home where they prepare dinner for family and friends and have fun together while preparing it.

Remember that the couple was into a colorful vibe to the home? But for their primary bedroom, they opted for a minimal vibe where they could find the perfect space to relax, meditate and enjoy quality time together without the world hustle. Even though they had a minimal vibe in the bedroom, some patterns were added to the cushions and bed lines to add a unique character to the room.

If in the couple’s primary bedroom, we found a minimalist design, in their daughter’s space, the vibe is the opposite – the perfect example of a teenager room full of personality and vivid hues. Covered in white and black wallpaper, the room embraces character with its colorful furniture and personal touches.

Another beautiful highlight of this modern home design is the outside patio – where a paradise emerges! For the famous couple, the outdoor area is almost another living space and everything they need to find peaceful and relaxed moments. The inspiration for this area comes from the “secret garden”; Viola and Julius wanted to see that feeling and activate it in a beautiful space that can bring positive and relaxed feelings.

Through the beautiful modern home design choices, meaningful objects and vintage pieces help inject the personality that the famous couple was looking for. Each home division has a special object that translates the couple’s taste and makes this a special home.

Home is not just a space – but also the translation of dreams, inspirations, and needs. Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s charming modern home design translates their personalities into a beautiful layout full of stunning choices that perfectly cover their family needs.

Now that you discovered all details about the modern home design of the famous couple Viola Davis and Julius Tennon, get to know some exclusive Modern-Style pieces from HOMMÉS Studio that complement any interior project in a luxurious and authentic way.

mid-century modern dining room, white dining chairs and marble dining tables

Source: AD Photos: Frank Frances 

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