Traditional Home Decor: Hilary Swank’s Style in Colorado


Traditional home decor is one of the most popular and enduring design styles of all time! Comfortable and timeless, it is one of the favorite choices in the world of Hollywood stars. 

The actress Hilary Swank, who has two Oscar titles in her career, has succeeded in combining her two grand passions in her new home in the desert mountains of southwestern Colorado: nature and animals. Check out all the details of Hilary Swank’s traditional home decor below:

Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house

The Traditional Home Decor Style

Forget the idea that traditional home decor is necessarily a space that will look like the living room of your grandmother’s house. If used wisely, this decor style is ideal for making any space more inviting and comfortable, with unique and high-quality furniture. 

Unlike what is commonly found in more contemporary styles, such as Minimalist – which has its origins in the 1950s and 1960s – or Memphis Style – which is the darling of the Millenial generation, traditional home decor celebrates 18th and 19th century Europe.

Nowadays, this decoration style celebrates the long and rich history of the past, without forgetting to juxtapose more modern elements with elegant and sophisticated touches. Although the traditional home decor is timeless, in interior design the rooms do not follow one specific style as a rule, since the main idea is that no one era or design overlaps with another. So, there is nothing better to exemplify this style used in the decor of actress Hilary Swank’s home, than Mid Century Modern furniture. 

Hilary Swank’s House in Colorado

Away from it all, but close to nature: this is how the famous actress, pregnant with twins, hopes to raise her children. And the idea, alongside her husband, was just that. Swank wanted to build a sustainable and naturally integrated dream home. She desired a place where they could produce their own food and large windows highlighting the expansive views of the mountains. She was concerned that the animals under her care have room to roam.

The designer responsible for the project, Mark Zeff, was also an old familiar face of the artist. Besides having worked on four of the artist’s houses, he knew how to explore well all the sustainability of the materials to compose the Mid Century Modern furniture style, essential for Swank. 

Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house


The mid century modern furniture, by its characteristics, reveals clean, streamlined lines, a harmonious combination of natural and manufactured materials, and a retro-futuristic look. And in the case of Hilary Swank’s traditional home decor, every detail has also been carefully thought out. 

The couple’s house is composed of many rooms where stone and wood are predominant in the decoration. The actress, who says she loves everything in wood, has not only an ecological concern but also an affective memory: “It’s reclaimed barn wood and comes from Washington State, which is where I’m from. It brings a part of that home to this home.”

The designer responsible for the work was also careful to keep the natural routine look of the couple to the maximum. “It’s not a vanity project, it’s a real house. They have muddy boots in the hallways and you feel that kind of texture and patina. That’s how they live,” says Zeff. Marquetry, for example, is a very traditional and decorative technique used mainly on wooden furniture. 

In addition to bringing a warmer and cozier tone, typical of the use of wood in decoration, the hall and corridor spaces have beautiful sets of sideboards, benches, and decorative items.

Another way to accompany the mid century modern furniture choice is to combine, in traditional home decor, the elements with metal, glass, vinyl, and marble. These materials are wrapped in a soft color composition that respects the natural pigmentation of each material and leaves enough room for a moment’s worth of colorful home accessories. 

The living room in Hilary Swank’s traditional house is a perfect example of this, as it features a beautiful set of armchairs upholstered with fabric in light hues. In addition, the space is made up of side tables of different materials, a rustic wooden coffee table, a textured sofa (perfect for the colder days), and an open stone fireplace. 

Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house

For the dining room, a beautiful metal suspension lamp catches the eye’s attention just above the eight-seat dining table. The masonry creates the perfect frame for the large, wrap-around windows that, during the warmer months, open completely to the outdoors to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. 

Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house
Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house

In the kitchen, although the use of wood continues, the space also incorporates tones of black as in furniture and stone, highlighting the modern look.

Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house

Creating traditional home decor with a timeless style that exudes easy elegance and comfort is a great way to go for those who appreciate antiques, classic art, symmetry, and design rich. The idea of an open floor plan continues throughout the house. A mix of textures can be observed in the rooms, as well as a number of Moroccan rugs and antique furniture. 

The master bedroom also has its own deck and features a simple but elegant decor. Items such as a bench at the end of the bed, the daybed – perfect for the actress’ readings – and the use of the layered rug make up the unique and involving decor. 

Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house

Also from the perspective of large rooms, the huge master bathroom and the walk-in closet area are located next to the couple’s bedroom. With a custom carpet, fireplace, and leather sofa bed, it is another winter-ready retreat. The strategically placed bathtub is situated to make the most of the impressive mountain views.

Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house
Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house

Finally, to complete the traditional home decor with a golden key, Swank’s environment also features a movie room – very important for the actress, even for the business she’s in – “It’s a lot of fun to go in there, especially in winter, and kind of cozy up,” she adds. The room, which is hidden behind rich walnut wood, is noted for its red upholstered seats and some notable awards.

Traditional Home Decor in Hilary Swank's house

Now that you’ve taken a closer look and have been inspired by movie star Hilary Swank’s traditional home decor, how about continuing to find out more details about mid century modern furnitures with outstanding design? Check out our exclusive content!

Source and Photos: Architectural Digest.

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