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Your are reading: Minimalist Design: A Popular Interior Design Style
Minimalist Design: A Popular Interior Design Style - Hommes Studio

Minimalist Design: A Popular Interior Design Style

Minimalist design is characterized by homes as free from extreme ornamentation or fussy decorations. Homes that turn towards minimalism usually favor simple and striking architectural lines.

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Also, minimalist design homes use a neutral or pared-back color palette that creates a calming and tranquil atmosphere.

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With the focus on the architecture of the space itself, minimalist homes are clutter-free and often open plan in style, with careful consideration given to every piece of furniture or artwork.

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While some minimalist homes might include rustic or traditional furniture, many choose glossy, modern pieces with simplistic designs. Similarly, art is usually contemporary and theoretical.

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In terms of materiality, expect to see many stones, concrete, and raw timber finishes paired with minimal tapware and hardware.

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Minimalist design does not have to read as non-decorative either. The furniture can be modern, the ornaments can be sculptural, and the artwork abstract.

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In minimalist homes, we can also use cream and white palette with different textures. In this way, it will keep the aesthetic interesting.
Layouts are usually open and airy, and every object or piece of furniture serves a function or aesthetic purpose. Art is often abstract or modern to match, and modern interpretations go for stone, concrete, and raw timber materials.

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