5 Modern Style Interior Design Projects to Get Inspired


Modern style interior design evokes a simple yet elegant lifestyle – check out five projects that will inspire you.

Modern Style interior design refers to the movement that comprehends the early midcentury. Emerging after Art Deco, it was influenced by German and Scandinavian architecture. In this movement, forms follow function, and simplicity is the key to the interiors. The main characteristics of this style are clean lines, neutral colors, natural materials, and geometric forms. The Modern style inspired beautiful interiors; we selected five projects highlighting this style which could be an excellent way to get inspired for your upcoming works.

1. A Peaceful Apartment In London

This two-level apartment in London, designed by Olga Ashby, is a beautiful example of how to activate a Modern style interior design. The palette from the apartment shows nude tones and earthy colors, and the materials used in the interior come from natural sources. Therefore a mix of different types of finishes combined with wool-cashmere also highlights the space and gives a charming and calm vibe to the place- but more than that, it turns the area into a flawless refugee.

2. Stunning House in Melbourne

From Melbourne comes another impeccable example of how to activate a Modern style interior design, this time with a touch of luxury. This project uses Modern characteristics such as clean lines, natural materials, and natural light. Conrad Architects was the responsible firm that created this lovely family home, where the marble is the star element in the design, which gives the space a glam feel.

In this stunning house, the marble not only makes it glamorous but also helps to create a natural and lighting atmosphere. The material is not just on the interior; it also helps highlight the exterior and make this house more gorgeous. From the furniture to the surfaces – the marble adds the perfect luxury touch, making it impossible not to fall in love with this charming Modern style interior design project.

3. Wonder Home in California

In this beautiful home in California, the interior designer Nicole Hollis translated everything that a Modern style interior design should be. This project highlights a white and grey neutral palette and a distinct combination of materials and textures. The main objective of this layout was to pair a feeling of serenity with the spectacular view, which was succeeded active by simplifying the materials and furniture choices – following the belief of the Modern style interior design, which highlights that less can be more.

4. Modern Mansion in Calabasas

The mansion of the rockstar Travis Barker, designed by the interior designer Waldo Fernandez is another inspiration for a beautiful Modern style interior design project. The layout of this home was made seeking serenity – a space where the singer could escape from his work and relax. The result was a stunning Modern layout highlighting a subdued color palette, tailored ensembles of linen-covered upholstery, warm wood accent pieces heavy on patina, and customized furnishings inspired by midcentury classics. To complement the serene and calm vibe, some personal accessories and furnishing bring a personal touch to the space.

5. Remodeled House in Beverly Hills

This modern house is located in one of Beverly Hills’ best locations and has a fantastic view. The property has a long history of reconstruction- for the last rebuild, everything was in the hands of brilliant designers by Studio Lucas – who added a new perspective to the build from the 60s. For the renovation, the ceilings were raised, and the windows replaced the walls. It resulted in a 6500 sq ft one-floor spacious residence with two bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wine cellar, a gym, an open plan living space, and a kitchen.

In this project, nature, and architecture convey into a stunning space thanks to the glass wall that perfectly matches the spectacular views. Some details make this project another well-pointed example of Modern design – especially the open plan choices, the natural light, and the natural materials used to highlight the interior.

These five projects show different views of implementing the Modern style interior design characteristics. Each project we select in this article highlights the beauty of the Modern but with a unique perspective.

Now that these five Modern style interior design projects inspired you; check out some modern furniture from HOMMÉS studio to complement your following works:

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