Art in Interior Design: Inside a Home Filled With Treasures


Discover a California home that perfectly showcases a collection of African art and artifacts, and learn how to showcase art in interior design.

A california residence that explores art in Interior Design

Art in interior design can play a significant role in creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere. This is the case in this stunning California desert home, where the homeowners’ extensive collection of African art and artifacts takes center stage, creating a space that perfectly blends contemporary architecture with the warmth and character of carefully curated art pieces.

The couple, who previously lived in Manhattan and the Hamptons, relocated to the California desert and enlisted the help of William Hayer of Hayer Architecture and Seattle interior design studio Lucas to bring their vision to life. The goal here set by the owners was to create an open and airy space that would showcase their impressive collection of African sculptures, artifacts, and objects. So the design team worked closely with the homeowners to create a space that would highlight art in interior design while also offering a comfortable and inviting living environment. The result is a 13,500-square-foot structure that’s entered through oversized shou sugi ban and steel doors.

Art in Interior Design

Inside, everything is one tone, providing a beautiful backdrop for the art pieces, as ordered by the clients who also specifically requested multiple display surfaces to showcase their meticulously curated collection of treasures (all of these coming through as great ideas to take in mind when decorating with art in interior design).

So, in the living room, visitors are greeted with a large-scale custom console that holds a formation of towering antique Senufo and Dogon African wood figurines and faces, as well as a selection of antique carved wood Sumba guardian statues. Here, the console’s controlled height ensures that the works stay front and center while still offering a relatively unobstructed view of the picturesque Santa Rosa Mountains beyond.

Behind this console table, two grey L-shaped Sofas are placed in symmetry, drawing attention to the fireplace and standing on top of a custom wool rug with a line pattern that combines really well with the art in interior design.

The dining room holds a pair of Clotilde Ancarani canvases while a modern chandelier overhangs a custom dining table made of oak and metal. And in the main bedroom, a big feathered headdress from the Sioux Lakota tribe is displayed beside a collection of indigenous jewelry from Papua New Guinea on floating shelves. The colors of the headdress inspired the choice of cashmere used for the accent pillows.

A large sculpture by Jacques Le Bescond, which was initially meant to be positioned in an internal alcove, is possibly one of the house’s most eye-catching elements. The artwork was eventually moved to a location next to the pool after the designers placed an old Bamana/Dogon tunic in the area. But as soon as they saw it in its new place, they realized it was the ideal spot.

How To Achieve This Look

One of the challenges of decorating with art is ensuring that the art and the decor work together to create a cohesive whole. In this home, the team at Hayer Architecture and Lucas design studio achieved this balance by using warm, textural materials such as wood and metal (in the case of the furniture) and exposed grain on the ceiling, plaster, and brushed limestone on the walls (in the case of the architecture). Custom furnishings, including the living room sofas, the dining table, and a suede headboard in the primary bedroom, were also tailored to fit the space and the homeowners’ specific proportions, exploring both contemporary furniture and mid-century modern inspiration.

In the end, the result is a home that perfectly balances clean, contemporary architecture with warm, textural materials and an extensive art collection. The homeowners’ carefully curated selection of treasures is displayed throughout the home, adding character, personality, and a sense of history to the space. The designers at Hayer Architecture and Lucas design studio have shown us a way of perfectly highlighting art in interior design, all of this through their careful planning and attention to detail

So, If you’re looking for the best tips on how to use art in interior design, make sure to check out our article on Art in Home Design: How to Elevate Your Space with Artistic Flair and discover the best tips on art integration to add personality and style to your space.

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Source: Studio Lucas and architect William Hayer

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