Console Table

Shop for a one-of-a-kind modern console table for the entryway, hallway, or living room. Add a moment of sophistication to your modern interior design with a stylish accent table. Customizable and crafted by soulful artisans.

How To Choose a Console Table?

Start with considering what room the console table will be part of, then consider the interior design style of the room or living space when choosing the best table for your modern interior design project. Console tables alongside modern benches and wall mirrors are the essential furniture piece for designing sophisticated entryways and hallways.
Entryway tables are stylish furniture pieces that make a statement and elevate any room. Nevertheless, they are highly functional. While the space and the design style will help you decide between an art deco console table and a mid-century modern console table, the purpose of your modern entryway or hallway table is what matters the most when choosing an entryway table.

What Is The Function Of a Console Table?

A modern console table complements any interior design project, from Memphis-style, art deco to modern. Console tables are usually found in the entryway, hallway, or living room. In the entrance, a contemporary entryway table is the perfect furniture piece to keep house keys and car keys. Combined with a couple of mid-century modern stools or a contemporary chair, the entryway can be the best place to take off and leave your shoes.
The console table usually takes on a decorative function in the hallway and in the living room. This item perfectly creates a stylish moment using decorative vases and trays.


A modern console table is a furniture piece that is as decorative as functional. Nevertheless, any furniture piece can only be truly functional if adapted to your needs and design style. For instance, change materials and dimensions, and add small features such as drawers. A customizable console table will create a stunning entryway, upgrade your hallway, or spruce up your modern living room design.

How To Style A Console Table?

Place a wooden or marble console table in the entryway, hallway, or living room. Let it be surrounded by a sophisticated side table, a maximalist wall mirror, and a set of modern stools. You can also use a pair of contemporary dining chairs to create a moment that invites guests and homeowners to pause.
Style a fragrant scented candle or a stylish vase with fresh flowers atop the modern console table. A midcentury modern lighting fixture will create a warm, cozy and chic atmosphere around your marble table.

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