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Luxury Storage Furniture For All Tastes - Hommes Studio

Luxury Storage Furniture For All Tastes

Sideboards. Buffets. Cabinets. Storage furniture is the greatest interior design hardware. Either it is a small home or a big property, space is always important. Space gives breathing to a room and also unleashes the feeling of freedom and comfort to everyone in it. However, they don’t need to go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, storage furniture can be a luxury statement.

Wall mirror
Storage Furniture

People spend more time at home more than ever due to Coronavirus worldwide imposed lockdown. Having a home office or a family room, and even some space to make that online yoga class is now mandatory. Check on the amazing luxury storage furniture we picked.


Kelly Wearstler Paint Collection Living Room with storage furniture
Trevor Tondro

At some point everyone who’s setting a home gets to wonder, what is the difference between sideboards and cabinets? And between a credenza and a buffet? Sideboards and cabinets are English nomenclatures to storage furniture, while credenza is the Italian name, and buffet the French word. However, the name also varies on the purposed, which is the same to say, “to which room is the storage furniture?”.

Green Living Room
Rosalia Sideboard
modern furniture design for contemporary interior design project
Troya Cabinet

vintage design
Italian Highboard Vintage

Well, if it is to a dining room, one may call it a sideboard, credenza, or buffet. Actually, the buffet goes really well in the dining room, while the sideboard fits perfectly in the living room. However, if you place the same luxury storage furniture in the entryway or in the home office, call it a cabinet would make more sense.


luxury bar cabinet cupboard with memphis style design
Roma Bar Cabinet
luxury sideboard with memphis style
Elephant Sideboard

Nevertheless, for some, the definition may also vary depending on length, width, and height. A tall storage furniture piece is a cabinet, while storage furniture with no legs is a sideboard. At the same time, a cabinet with legs can be a console, as well as a buffet. Does it seem confusing? It isn’t. When it comes to luxury storage furniture, the only thing that matters is the space existing in the room and the space needed to store it. And, of course, having in account the interior you’re working on.

Rebus Sideboard Hommes Studio
Rebus Sideboard

Despite the conventional use in living and dining rooms, sideboards and cabinets fit perfectly in bathrooms. They are, in fact, the most stylish and functional option for a luxury bathroom. In the end, is all about functionality.

If you’re really looking for luxury storage furniture in order to make more room or set a home project, please check on this. You’ll love it!


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