Summer Can Wait – 6 Ideal Spring Colors For Interior Design


Light is never bright as spring light, colors are never lively as spring colors, days are never long as spring days. For now, summer can wait.

The end of winter is for loop-playing Future Islands’s ‘Seasons’. In Samuel Herring’s husky voice we learn the healthful demeanor of ends as we thrive for beginnings. Seasons, the song, starts with an old-fashion, nostalgic beat and rapidly becomes frenetic anticipation for the euphoric chorus. The synth tunes are the winter, and the spirited chords are the spring that anticipates the most hectic of the meteorological seasons. Let’s pause. For now, summer can wait.

Seasons change and people change too. After a winter of blues, the spiking first sunshine makes glazy sheets crack and the icy ground melt. When the springy light falls upon resilient wintery crystals, they amplify its glow. Light is never bright as spring light, colors are never lively as spring colors, days are never long as spring days, flowers never bloom as much as spring flowers. Spring is the only season of the year that has water, air, fire, and earth in the same measure – and it shows in its spring colors.

When seasons change (like when ‘Seasons’ play) moods get elevated and love is felt in the air, like a heavy cloud of dust from the Sahara. We feel energized and just want to have fun. No one is immune to these emotions. Spring fever is highly contagious! People become joyous, and a bit foolish, but let’s not forget that fools change the world. Despite the lighter clothes, the vitamin d booster, and the green vegetables and juicy fruits full-charged on vitamin c, the most pleasing thing about the spring season is the drive we feel to improve – ourselves, our lives, our homes. After all, It’s the season of rebirth, renewal, and awakening,

Spring is here! Vivid, splendid, and glorious. Our thoughts dance in our brain to the sound of ‘Seasons’. We forecast the future, we feel inspired by the racing mutation of our surroundings. But what is the purpose of attending to all this beauty without giving it anything back? Why wouldn’t we be an agent actively transforming the world we live in if we have the will and the tools?

This is the right moment, the perfect timing. Nature is handing us all we need to have better lives and to become better selves. Let’s observe, absorb, and beautify our homes with spring colors.


This spring, we’re seeing pink. The color pink of blooming cherry trees’ flowers. Pink is this hue that is as sensual as kind. It emanates feelings of care, nurturing, and femininity. Pink colors beginnings.

Bianca Rug
Mantis Chair
Rosalia Sideboard by Hommés Studio
Rosalia Sideboard
Samira Chair
Codix Rug by Hommés Studio
Codix Rug
circus pillow ach collection
Circus Cushion by ACH Collection


Blue is the color of a clear sky and the color of water in liquid state – and spring is plenty of it. This color promotes calmness, serenity, and is associated with mindful living.

Pina Chair
Vettiver Rug by Hommés Studio
Vétiver Rug
Avocado Spring Lake, light blue lamp
Avocado Spring Lake by ACH Collection
Ajui Armchair by Hommés Studio
Ajui Armchair
Lexus Spring Lake, blue pet bed by ach collection
Lexus Spring Lake by ACH Collection
Yves Side Table


Nature’s queen color, green, is the color of things we cannot survive without, namely trees, and on another note, cash. Green is the color of deepening roots and feeding leaves and fruits. Also green is the color for fertility and growth.

Ibiza Mirror
Zaid Rug by Hommés Studio
Zaid Rug
Samira Chair
Gaga Palm Green Cushion, green decorative pillow
Gaga Cushion by ACH Collection
ACHI Green by ACH Collection
Leafus Sconce by Hommés Studio
Leafus Sconce


Gold is our favorite neutral color of the season. Is gold a neutral? Some say it is a neutral color because it goes well with everything – and we agree. Furthermore, gold amplifies the glow of spring’s sun and just small glimpses of golden furniture and homeware around the house elevate your interior design.

Quantic Estremoz Console Table by Hommés Studio
Quantic Estremoz Console Table
ACH Collection Michel Bowl, White and Gold home accessories
Michel Ceramic Bowl by ACH Collection
Prymo Dining Table
Cher Suspension Lamp
Fuchsia Dining Table by Hommés Studio
Fuchsia Dining Table
ACH Collection homeware, Lacrimosso God ceramic decor object
Lacrimosso God by ACH Collection


If spring was a color, it would be orange. Orange is optimistic and uplifting. It may also call to mind feelings of enthusiasm and excitement, like spring itself.

Giulia Sofa by Hommés Studio
Giulia Sofa
Octo Console Table
Holst Vase by ACH Collection
Monkey Cushion, ACH Collection homeware
Monkey Cushion by ACH Collection
Malala Chest Of Drawers
Maak Bench by Hommés Studio
Maak Bench


Spring makes sure color pops in front of our eyes. You can keep your home classy, and still make a springy statement with a single, curated, object.

Camou Sideboard
ACH Collection ceramic homeware, hero god
Hero God by ACH Collection
Zadine Mirror
Piano Rug by Hommés Studio
Piano Rug
Marino Sideboard
ach collection, rashion capsule collection, ceramic homeware, shadow ii
Shadow II by ACH Collection


If so, discover modern furniture and lighting designed by design lovers for design lovers. All you need is to download the Hommés Studio catalog. To complete your interior design project, choose the high-end homeware by ACH Collection.

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