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Ultimate Bathroom Trends for 2021 - Hommes Studio

Ultimate Bathroom Trends for 2021

Hommés Studio reunited the ultimate bathroom design trends for 2021 and selected the must-have design pieces to decor your bathroom.

Bathrooms are the most intimate room in a home. It is in the bathroom that we strip down our social characters. In fact, it might be the only house division where we can have time on our own. Therefore, we respect it and decorate it with as much fashion as any other division.

Hommés Studio reunited the ultimate 2021 bathroom trends and selected the best items to decor your self-care temple.


Neutral Colors Bathroom

Neutral colors and earth tones are a trend that came to stay. Not only are they great to conceive a living room, but also bedrooms and… bathrooms. The interior design styles in this color palette are limitless.

Karmen Chair by Hommés Studio


Flakt Mirror by Hommés Studio

Elegant Hallway


Boho-Chic Bathroom

Vintage accessories are a great option to adorn a bathroom. We can choose from unconventional bathroom pieces, such as rugs, benches, or cabinets. These design pieces are great to create a boho-chic bathroom or transitional.

Sirocco Easy Chairs by Hommés Studio

mid-century modern home

Crina Rug by Hommés Studio

Crina Rug Hommes Studio


Minimal Bathroom Style

Minimal is always a good option. Especially if you want to have a timeless bathroom. Big windows, a white color palette, and design objects with simple lines are all you need.

Luminous Pendant Lamp by Hommés Studio

luminous pendant lamp for unique modern living room

Luminous Table Lamp by Hommés Studio


Maximalist Bathroom

Everything is permitted in a maximalist bathroom. The idea is to play with design pieces and trends.

Matrioska Drawer by Hommés Studio

gold and beige chest of drawers

Everest Mirror by Hommés Studio

dining room set


Pop of Color in Bathroom

If you have a traditional bathroom but want a modern bathroom design, you just have to add pops of color to it. However, don’t forget to keep some classicism in it. Otherwise, you’ll achieve a maximalist bathroom.

Mantis Chair by Hommés Studio

Mantis Chair Hommes Studio

Zadine Mirror by Hommés Studio

Green Living Room


Classic Bathroom Style

Even if you have a traditional bathroom but just want to refresh its design, without changing its interior design style, classic suspensions are the go-to.

Cocoon Suspension Lamp by Hommés Studio

suspension lamp for art deco living room

Minelli Suspension Lamp by Hommés Studio

mineli chandelier for modern hallway project

Art Deco Design Pieces

Art Deco Bathroom Trend

Art Deco design pieces are a big 2021 bathroom trend. It instantly elevates any bathroom to a luxury bathroom.

Nilo Mirror by Hommés Studio

Nilo Wall Mirror for room decoration

Zebra Room Divider by Hommés Studio

zebra luxury folding screen for palatial space

These bathroom trends don’t appeal to you? Check our article on stunning bathroom designs to find your dream bathroom. Also, discover our coolest design pieces to adorn every room in your house.

Source: Top Bathroom Design Trends

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