Explore the Colorful Family Home by 2LG Studio


Embracing the essence of a warm family environment, 2LG Studio creates a London Family Home with vibrant colors and a unique personality.

Located in London, 2LG Studio designed a fantastic family home with modern furniture and pastel shades. The Studio creates this family home for a couple who needed space for their three young children to play and grow. Let’s get inside this charming family home’s playful and colorful design.

Jordan Cluroe and Russel Whitehead, the founders of 2LG Studio, wanted to bring the couple’s personality into the house. The designers combine the building’s period elements, such as the stunning ornate corniced ceilings, with the modern style of the furnishings and colors.

colorful family home by 2LG Studio

Inside the London Family Home

The design of this house combines pastel colors with playful and modern elements. The Studio was inspired by the 1980s colors to Italian design elements, such as marble and Murano glass lighting. And the Scandinavian influences in the natural materials and minimalist approach to furnishings were present too.

The Studio already creates an impact in the entrance hall with a hand-printed wallpaper designed by them and Cushom Studio. The wallpaper displays a bespoke calamine-pink colorway creating a connection between the spaces of the lovely home. Pink-heavy palettes are the signature of the Studio and reflect in the ceilings, moldings, and upper walls.

The colors and the elements used in this lovely home are incredible and create a welcoming and warm ambiance to the house. The designers perfectly combine all the pastel colors with the other details in this home. The kitchen is the perfect example of a combination of pastel colors, minimalist and modern elements.

The kitchen emerges as a captivating symphony of design. The sky blue cabinets blend harmoniously with the elegant marble countertops and splashback, perfectly united with the arched shapes. The tranquil backdrop and touches of pink make a bold statement, while the elegant bar stools add a charming pop of color. The pink dining table is made from recycled materials such as wood chips and resin to complete the look.

Colors are the primary key to the atmosphere and identity of this family home. The red details in the living room give the space structure and an inviting atmosphere. The study room and family bathroom upstairs have a deeper, bolder palette of blues, providing different moods for the home’s color scheme.

The living room features an incredible piece. With slim and rounded arms, the Tilda sofa is perfect for maximum relaxation. This combination of colors and minimalist elements gives the home a natural and calm soul.

This stunning design features a pastel green palette in the baby’s room, creating a serene and fresh ambiance mixed with wood tones and creams. The children’s room has custom-made millwork, including a playhouse. Every detail of the children’s room is stunning. The soft green tones, the incredibly green and gray rug, and the white armchair create the perfect atmosphere of joy and play.

Pink details are present in all the interiors of the family home. All the elements give the house a sense of coherence in the design and function of the spaces. The other rooms in this home are stunning, with a combination of pastel green, pink, and bolder blue. One of the bedrooms features a pretty pastel pink rug and a pink bedside table, giving the room an elegant and calm look.

The loft bedroom features a fantastic piece, the Luca bedhead, designed by 2LG Studio. The classic Italian style inspires this Luca bedhead with a modern twist, giving the bedroom a touch of luxury. This bedroom perfectly combines the pastel pink walls with the bolder blue tone of the bedhead.

Get to Know 2LG Studio

This South East London studio was founded in 2014 by the incredible duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead. The Studio works on residential and commercial interior projects. The main words of this duo’s impressive work are simplicity, elegance, and functionality. Adding color to interior designs is the signature of 2LG Studio, with one eye on the classics and the other on modern elements; each element added by this fantastic duo creates a personal and happy living space.

Colorful and Playful Home

This London family home has a stunning pastel color palette and modern elements that provide a tranquil and fun atmosphere. 2LG Studio creates a charming home for the couple’s family, providing a stylish and functional design combining classic pieces with contemporary elements.

A colorful and fun home is more than just adorable decor. It’s a way to enhance the mood and ambiance of the space. We hope this colorful and cheerful family home by 2LG Studio has inspired you to create fun and creative living spaces. If you’re looking for more inspiration, we invite you to check out our Guide to Colorful Home Decor to learn how to use colors in interiors.

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