Home Office Ideas To Complete Your Interior Design


Home Office Ideas to begin our week! Get to know some ideas that we gather for the decoration of your office.

home office ideas
Photo Courtesy: Douglas Friedman

First, we take a trip to California, where we can find this home office. It has both modern and contemporary interior design. Although, the most important detail to take about is that Nicole Hollis installed a magnetic wall with family photos. Side by side with some Yoshitomo Nara artwork.

Office Decoration

home office ideas
Photo Courtesy: Simon Upton

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As we all know, 2020 was the year where some of us had to began working from home, we all had to adapt. And the same is happening in 2021. So we’ve had to create accurate conditions to work, and that required an office. Or a living room office! The truth is that this space needs to inspire creativity and uphold a level of functionality.

Home Office
Photo Courtesy: Eric Piasecki

According to Katie Ridder, “There’s no rule that says an office must be brown wood. It can be highly functioning and decorated.”. She is absolutely right. The most important thing about an office is that it will be the place where you’ll need to focus, so you’ll do the decoration according to your will. Because it will be your space!

Home Office
Photo Courtesy: Matthew Williams

One of the elements that can alleviate a home office is the lighting. When we talk about natural lighting, we must know that in a work environment is the most important. According to science is directly linked to your productivity and mood.

interior design
Photo Courtesy: Miguel Flores-Vianna

Once we’re talking about office design, there’s one main detail we haven’t talked about, Organisation. It is possible that the necessities of doing business, such as papers and electronics, often make a home office unappealing. However, you can be repurposing high-design items that can and will preserve the aesthetics. An example of these items is lacquer, brass, or bone trays and boxes.

office interior design
Photo Courtesy: Richard Petit

According to Richard Petit ” A table lamp that looks good from all angles is a great way to interject a sculptural element.” Besides the natural lighting, it is also prominent non-natural lighting. A table lamp or a ceiling lamp that can illuminate perfectly your place of work.

Hommés Studio Contribute

Home Office

Hommés Studio wanted to be present in this article, and give you some decoration ideas for your office. Here you can see a simple office decor, with both natural lighting and non-natural lighting.

Home Office
Amelie Swivel Chair

Amelie combines grace and a smooth style. She is a distinctive seating peace full of personality and charisma. Amelie is the meaning of comfort, so it is perfect for any office interior design.

interior design
Orgue Table Lamp

If you’re looking for an instant class in any modern table, Orgue Lamp is the ultimate solution. A unique design for a unique home, handmade by the most skilled and talented artisans.

Home Office
Guffy Bookcase

Indispensable for any office, a bookcase. Hommés is glad to present you Guffy bookcase, a statement piece. Because it has the perfect balance between the Bauhaus and Memphis movement.

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