If you are our frequent follower you probably already checked our articles about Chinese Feng Shui Philosophy and how to implement it in the interiors. We already cowered general rules, entryways, living rooms, bedroom and outdoor areas. As the winter is coming, it’s right about time to prepare ourselves for some comforting home-cooking and Netflix binge-watching with a pleasantly warm cup of tea or hot chocolate. Come check with us the feng shui design rules for a perfect kitchen!

Celebrity Kitchen - Russel Tovey
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Kitchen Design Ideas From Top Interior Designers

If you never heard of feng shui philosophy, let’s cover the basics first. This Chinese ancient concept focuses on the free flow of qi (energy), which is possible when there is harmony between the forces ruling the world and our lives. Feng Shui’s role is to help plan spaces in a way that serves good physical and mental health, happiness and overall well-being. So the most important concept, that you should always keep in mind, is to keep positive vibes at home, which will bring good energy and make your life better. 

The kitchen area is one of the most important places at home, it’s where all the ‘magic happens. For sure you at least once went to a house party that out for no reason just moved into the kitchen. It has this familiar energy that makes us feel comfortable and safe.

Kitchen Design Ideas From Top Interior Designers

kitchen design

Every area of the house, even the outside terrain should be planned according to the bagua map, which determines appropriate areas for designed activities, based on energy. Your plan doesn’t need to be very strict, but it’s good if you bear this map in your mind while arranging the layout.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

kitchen lamps

In feng shui philosophy, the kitchen is the heart of the house. The most important feng shui rule is to keep everything neat and clean, with a lot of free space for the energy to flow. It definitely applies to the kitchen, since it’s the place that gets dirty the fastest and as it’s the heart of the house, would you like to keep it messy?

Kitchen Set

kitchen design

The kitchen is assigned to the element of fire because of the stove and oven and the element of water – the sink. These elements should be separated by at least a worktop, preferably wooden. It’s also advised that the person cooking on the stove shouldn’t turn his back against the door.

It’s worth putting the sink under the window, so you would get a relaxing view while washing the dishes.

Refrigerator is associated with the wealth of the family, it’s a symbol of safeguarding wealth. Therefore, it should blend into the interior or have its doors out of sight.

When it comes to colors, don’t go with red. The kitchen is associated with fire, so adding red would put the energy on too high a level.

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Kitchen shouldn’t be anywhere near the entrance doors. Traditionally, the main door was always leading to the living room, and kitchens were always in the back. But nowadays it’s already changing, so there is a bigger chance to have it all linked together. But in feng shui taboo, entering the house through the kitchen it’s like entering through the back door, like a theft.

luxury interior design

Try to get as much daylight as possible, because this is the area that should be bright, clean and inviting. And don’t forget to check your refrigerator from time to time to see if there is no rotten food, that would disturb the good energy of the house.

Fern Santini Music-Themed House in Austin

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