10 Outstanding Guest Bedroom Ideas


Get inspired by these guest bedroom ideas and learn how to make your design overtake any luxury hotel stay.

green bedroom

One of the most important things about a guest bedroom is the need to provide a feeling of home away from home. This is only possible if these areas exhale comfort. These rooms should evoke both the niceness of a hotel and the familiarity of the guest’s home.

To successfully decorate a guest room, you should always consider your visitor’s needs first. To achieve this, it is vital to analyze specific details, like if your usual client’s guests tend to stay for just one night or if they remain hosted for months. Another example is the time of the year these guests usually visit your client’s house. All of this can considerably alter your design project.

For instance, if the guests only stay for a couple of nights, then your design should be more dramatic and striking so that it causes a wow factor, and as the guest will only stay for a couple of nights, it doesn’t become heavy or repetitive. However, if the guests would stay for weeks in a row or even months, a design choice like this could eventually become unfunctional and tedious, so, in cases like this one, it would be more appropriate to create something a little more cozy, homely, and practical, with more storage.

In this article, we’ll show you the best guest bedroom ideas with a large diversity of styles included so that you’ll find inspiration for anybody’s personality and needs.

1. Loads of patterns

colorful guest bedroom in red tone

This is one of the best guest bedroom ideas to demonstrate what a good design for overnight guests would be. It is vibrant, with so many patterns, on the walls, blankets, furniture, and paintings. Even so, this design radiates comfort and sympathy. This is precisely the feeling that every host wants to provide, which is very similar to being in a hotel, as the luxury and creative design are there, but the comfort and snug sensation are also present.

2.Use two beds

yellw bedroom design

Although twin beds usually don’t often appear in guest bedroom ideas, this furnishing can improve your design’s visual appeal. It causes an impression of loads of symmetry, and, of course, they are handy for hosting more than one guest in the same room.

3. Add wallpaper

One of the finest guest bedroom ideas is the one with suitable wallpaper. Suppose you want to design a room that looks more like a thrilling adventure or vacation instead of just a typical plain bedroom that is humbler than the one the guests have at home. In that case, attractive wallpaper may be the perfect solution.

4. Go monochromatic

guest bedroom with bold color

A monochromatic bedroom can be an excellent design idea. A room with just one color provides a serene and settled-down aura. Still, especially in this case, it can be exquisite. Guest bedroom ideas like this would make your client’s guests feel like they were in a five-star hotel.

5. Don’t forget to add fresh flowers

guest bedroom with flower wallpaper in red tones

Subtle details like this distinguish a standard guest room from a superior hotel-look-alike bedroom. Therefore, if you intend to create a remarkable space, remember to add elements like this one.

6. Less is more

Another style that is one of the best when it comes to guest bedroom ideas is this concept. It simplifies things but always maintains its design elegance and sophistication. If your client wants their house to feel like it belongs to a celebrity, this is your answer. It exhales extreme luxury, but not in a messy, loud way. If you want to achieve this look, invest in good quality furnishings and rich materials instead of over-decorating with objects in the hope that it will make the room feel refined. One example of a high-quality element is this serene bed with its unique headboard, lightingbench, and eccentric rug.

7. Make it look lived in

colorful bedroom

The guest bedroom ideas that include the monthslong guests always have to prioritize comfort. A great way to do this is by making the room feel like it’s being lived in. You can accomplish this by using soft fabrics and comfortable furnishings and by adding objects like chairs, books, more than one rug, paintings, and flowers, among others. Another crucial factor is the color palette you choose to work with. Just ensure it can provide a cozy feeling and harmonizes the space.

8. Keep it roomy

neutral bedroom

This feature is essential if the space you’re decorating is small. Keeping your project roomy would benefit the guests more than just adding a bunch of furnishings that would take up all the room space. It would increase the comfort of their visit much more.

9. Make it feel glorious

Thanks to a design like this, you would make the guests feel important and seen. Besides, it would also give the impression that your client is indeed an exquisite, thoughtful person due to all the luxurious furnishings used.

10. Arrange a work of art

guest bedroom design with art

Besides transforming a project into something way more opulent, a work of art can also shift the atmosphere of your design to whatever you desire.

Now that these guest bedroom ideas inspire you, we invite you to explore the bedroom furniture collection by HOMMÉS Studio, which will help you to create the perfect design.

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