10 Stunning Maximalist Furniture to Complete your Interior Design Project


If you are searching for a way to give the final touch that your interior design project needs, you just found the right article. Discover 10 Maximalist furniture that will make any space stand out.

Rich colors, touches of luxury, and an extra dose of boldness are always something good to incorporate into an interior design project. These are also some of the main characteristics of Maximalist furniture.

Do you know the sensation that something is missing in a space? When you just need to give that little final touch to make the layout stand out? Well, we know this is feeling, and we are here to help you to find the touch of glamour and sophistication that your interiors project needs. We are confident that one of the ten maximalist pieces of furniture we select will help you create the perfect interior. You just need to keep reading to discover them.

Before you ask if maximalist furniture could be the solution for you because you are not into a total maximalist look – we are here to say that these pieces can be integrated into different interior styles. Still, they will always add a layer of sophistication that a home needs. From maximalist interiors to modern ones – maximalist furniture is perfect to be integrated into a living space and make it look stunning.

maximalist interior design

Maximalist Furniture

Maximalism is a creative style that allows travel into fantasy and dreams. More than just going bold, it’s a way to express emotions and memories and get life to dreams with bold decisions, patterns, and textures. If you would like to know more, you shared a guide about this style where you can find more about maximalism.

Regarding furniture, Maximalism Furniture is an eclectic design style that merges Art deco, Memphis Design, Brutalism, and even Midcentury modern – that’s why maximalist pieces can complete different interior styles. Joyful and playful, maximalist furniture makes a statement in every room. Bold patterns, intense colors, oversized shapes, charismatic silhouettes, plush fabrics, repetitive patterns, and dazzling golden accents are some features of maximalist furniture that often dual as a contemporary art piece.

Now that you already know what maximalist furniture is and can complete any layout with those pieces, it’s time to discover our selection of ten Maximalist furniture that promises to make any space shine – giving the touch of boldness and sophistication that a home needs.

Top 10 Maximalist Furniture by HOMMÉS Studio

Our top ten maximalist furniture has a selection of pieces that can complete different home spaces – from a modern living room to an art deco bedroom. These bold and sophisticated pieces will make any space look stunning and give the right amount of luxury that it needs. Are you ready to discover them?


Moritz is a luxury wall mirror inspired by the raw and timeless textures of the tribes’ decorations, jewels, and artistic elements. This decorative mirror is made of lacquered wood and ornamented with vibrant colored fiber. This maximalist furniture can highlight a charming living, a stunning entryway, or a modern bathroom.

  • Moritz Mirror by Hommés Studio
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    Moritz Mirror

living room in neutral tones


From a maximalist interior design to a mid-century modern home, the Niagara center table will add a touch of charm and uniqueness. This maximalist furniture set of two coffee tables in marble features a geometric shape inspired by the Memphis movement vibe.

  • Niagara Center Table by Hommés StudioNiagara Center Table by Hommés Studio
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    Niagara Center Table

    Center Table
mid-century living room with a red sofa, white armchair and two red marble center tables


Sometimes you need a slight touch of luxury to make a space look stunning; Lynx Sconce is the right piece for those moments. This maximalist furniture will make any space shine – from an art deco dining room to a modern living space; this is your project’s perfect finish touch.

  • Lynx Sconce by Hommés Studio
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    Lynx Sconce

    Sconce & Wall Lamp
dining room with a blue dining table


Bam Bam Pouf Balls are luxury poufs that will bring your decor to the next level with refined materials and shapes.

  • Bam Bam Pouf Balls by Hommés Studio
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    Bam Bam Pouf

minimalist living room


Lunarys Stool is a luxury stool ideal for any interior design project. A charming stool design, upholstered in fur with polished brass details, is made to enhance any home experience. This maximalist furniture has the touch of charm and glamour that any project needs.

  • Lunarys Stool by Hommés Studio
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    Lunarys Stool

stunning living room with a incredible view - two armchair and a charming stool


Kongo Armchair adds elegance to a modern living room design project or a charming bedroom. This maximalist furniture has an incredible silhouette that will add the perfect touch of elegance to any interior design project.

  • Kongo Armchair by Hommés Studio
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    Kongo Armchair

MAXIMALIST FURNITURE - beautiful mirror and armchair with bold patterns


Metis Pedestal Table is the perfect piece for a luxury hall. This round table expresses a new way of seeing furniture items honoring the inspiring classic sculptures. The attention to detail can be observed at each angle of the piece.

  • Metis Pedestal Table by Hommés Studio
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    Metis Pedestal Table

    Dining Table
luxury entryway


Rapple Console Table is inspired by Raplee Ridge in Utah. It mixes a luxury variety of woods, perfect for any home design.

  • Rapple Console Table by Hommés Studio
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    Rapple Console Table

    Console Table
modern mirror


Bonnie Chair is a statement seating design that perfectly fits any maximalist interior design project. Bonnie chair is the ride or dies to a bold interior design project. The luxurious combination of shapes and materials makes it an outstanding futuristic chair. 

  • Bonnie Chair by Hommés Studio
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    Bonnie Armchair

white living room with maximalist furniture


Los Gordos Center Table Round is a statement design converted into an audacious and modern center table that will elevate any living space to the next level. Supported by five Gordos heads, this maximalist furniture has a tabletop made of tempered glass hand-fractured.

  • Los Gordos Roun Center Table by Hommés Studio
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    Los Gordos Round Table

    Center Table
maximalist interior design

This was our top ten maximalist furniture – a selection of pieces that can add the layer of sophistication that you need to finish your interior design project. We hope you have enjoyed this selection and found the perfect piece to complete your work. For more inspiration, you can visit our shop interiors and discover beautiful combinations to help you with your projects.

maximalist decor, living room design in earthy shades
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