Lois Robbins’ Modern Apartment In Central Park


Iconic as its owner, Lois Robbins’ modern apartment has everything a celebrity home should have: personality and style.

Nevertheless, contrary to what many people think, when the actress and her husband, the financier Andrew Zaro, first moved into their new apartment (a former college dormitory) everything was just a vague idea. 

Happy with her choice, it is in the heart of New York City and with a beautiful view of the famous Central Park, that Lois Robbins’ modern apartment has become a dream home designed by Anthony Ingrao and Randy Kemper. 

Lois Robbins' modern apartment

Lois Robbins’ modern apartment has everything that the style that emerged in the 20s proposes for decorating – practical and functional furniture with natural light from large windows. Besides having a delightful aesthetic, the Modern Style is still one of the most inspiring styles in interior design. 

In the beginning, the couple lived at the apartment as it was, “just to get a sense of the space”. Later, more comfortable with the large area and confident in the work of the architect Andrea Miranda, things began to fall into place. With a proposal based on a few rooms and walls, Lois Robbins’ modern apartment has an unmissable and privileged view of New York City’s main park, Central Park. 

Lois Robbins' modern apartment

Lois Robbins’ Modern Apartment: Art and Comfort In The Same Space. 

Passionate about paintings and art, the main challenge faced by the celebrity home’s interior design team was to combine the couple’s desire for comfortable and cozy rooms with an inviting atmosphere. An example of that can be found in one of the living rooms. Where at first glance you can admire a realistic painting by artist Wayne Thiebaud, as if by magic, the piece rises to reveal a television — perfect for Oscars-viewing parties. 

Like good art collectors, Lois Robbins’ modern apartment houses more than 100 works of art that the couple has acquired since the beginning of their life together. The mainly hyper-realistic or abstract pieces by eminent modern artists, although they brighten up the rooms, are not the highlight of the celebrity’s home.

The result is rooms as exuberant and lively as the actress, with ambiances full of color and textures that make anyone fall in love. As a finish for one of the space’s walls, the sky blue initially proposed by the design team was quickly changed to bordeaux —  one of the famous actress’ favorite colors and perfect to receive the guests more warmly. The center table, positioned next to the textured sofa and next to the armchairs, is made of steel, concrete, paint, and yes, 24-karat gold. 

Lois Robbins' modern apartment

The Celebrity Home’s Big Challenge: The Central Living Room

As a characteristic of the modern style, which emphasizes clean lines, geometric form, and natural materials, the choice of furniture in Lois Robbins’ modern apartment also has an air of personality. 

Here, the big challenge for the designers was to make the central living room, with its three glass walls, balance the spaciousness of the view without losing the coziness of the space for the residents. So, since the space was large and without walls, the celebrity home’s living room was designed with furniture that could give the feeling of “floating”. 

Lois Robbins' modern apartment

The center table was carefully positioned next to the sofa so that the curvature of the furniture offered both lightness and practicality. The rest of the furniture, wavy and spherical — which reflect the choice of design style — is complemented by sculptures and other artworks strategically placed in the room. 

As an actress, singer, and great lover of entertainment, Lois Robbins’ modern apartment plays host to many parties celebrated by the couple. The space features artistic pieces where the duo can share good times with their guests, such as pianos and wet bars.

Lois Robbins' modern apartment

Worthy of a real movie star, the dining room in Lois Robbins’ modern apartment couldn’t be less luxurious either.  With two distinct seating areas that blend elegance and good taste, the larger dining table is exclusive to a famous designer, while the set of dining chairs features a comfortable sofa as a complement. 

As storage furniture, the choice of the uniquely textured cabinet is also worthy of the painting above it: Mickalene Thomas’s Qusuquzah Lounging with Pink + Black Flower. 

Lois Robbins' Modern Apartment

For simpler and everyday meals, a sitting nook, it’s the perfect place for breakfast with a breathtaking view of Manhattan!

Always very bright, all the spaces in Lois Robbins’ modern apartment have large windows and help to create an interior atmosphere of pause and relaxation. All this without losing the contemporary and bohemian essence of the actress. 

Lois Robbins' modern apartment

In the master bedroom, the modern interior design of the celebrity home has a concise color palette – the classic brown of the wood matches the neutral tones and geometric shapes of the overhead lamp. 

The bed, also custom made, features custom embroidered bedding for the actress, while the space gets even more of an air of comfort with the floor covered by a light-toned, velvety carpet. To complete the decoration the table lamp anchors a floating table and an elevator TV. 

Lois Robbins' modern apartment

For the bathroom, the choice of natural and expressive tones for the stones (perfect to match the other spaces in Lois Robbins’ modern apartment), reflects the luxurious and intimate soul of the famous, who prefers not to share the space with her husband. Like a true “bath girl”, as the actress refers to her moments of relaxation, the bathtub accompanies a large window overlooking the city. To complete the atmosphere, a side table in white and decorative objects such as a beautiful vase of flowers and aromatic candles. 

Lois Robbins' modern apartment

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Source: Architectural Digest

Photos by: Art: © Cecily Brown

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