12 Amazing Playroom Decors That seem Just Out of a Dream


Take a look at these 12 Playrooms decor that shows that it is possible to create a playful and safe space for the kids with a lot of glamour.

Home design is never an easy task – it takes a lot of factors into count – personal tastes, styles, and needs. To active the perfect interior layout, it’s necessary to think about all the elements of the living, and when a residence is also a family home – still more details come to the count. But it’s possible to have the perfect home layout and an excellent space for the kids. That’s what we can learn from these 12 amazing playroom decors that seem out of a dream. Get ready for some inspiration:

This beautiful space once was an empty basement. Here playroom decor highlights go to the three-forest wallpaper on the walls and ceiling that gives a sensation that the room is set in a real forest and the wood house that adds much more fun to the layout. The designer, Chris Bergin from Kobus Interiors, was responsible for this significant transformation.

Playful times ask for colors, and it is what we can find in this modern room inspired by the geometric design. Here, the designer Kati Curtis gives a new life to the floor above the house’s garage. Every detail here is full of color and creative decisions that make this just a perfect space for any kid.


Inspired by a zoo theme, this charming room was designed by Phoebe Briggs of Chango & Co for a newborn. The pieces are all custom or new, and the animals are the star in this playroom. Here, the color is in the details, giving the space a charm and clean vibe.

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With a somber architectural palette – this playroom has views from the Snake River Valley in Wyoming and blends playful choices with rustic elements. The project was designed by Hammer & Spear. Here, the geometric and colorful rug is also a highlight of the area and helps to give a fun vibe to the space.

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12 Amazing Playroom Decors That seem Just Out of a Dream 11

This amazing three-house is the dream playroom for any children. This space can guarantee a lot of fun – with curved walls, hide access, and a suspension bridge. The project was designed to pleasure different ages in a vacation home in Ibiza.

GDPhoto GG Hudson St 42 950x633 1

This charming purple playroom area designed by Glenn Gissler was projected to be a transition space for the owner’s two daughters. But as the kids grow, some decor will change, but the layout will remain. Now, the room is full of toys, and a colorful coffee table helps to get a fun vibe to the area.

fea koodekir911 950x690 1

This lightful open playroom designed by Kristine Irving from Koo de Kir was a request of the clients for an exclusive space for the kids. The room is situated between two bedrooms, now the perfect spot for fun moments.

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prospect park west dhd architecture and interior design img 1fb1705d0ee77f6b 9 3627 1 bdfae88 2

This blue playroom plays with different textures and patterns in a Brooklyn townhouse. The key element was the bold color combined with vivified wallpaper, rugs, and art.

FLagnese VE T02161 Kemble Stopnick 70555 723x950 1

A vibrant space to help to get life the kid’s dreams – this colorful room in an apartment on Manhattan’s Park Avenue plays with a beautiful pattern and vibrant colors.

LeveroneDesign Atherton 47 679x950 1

This space shows that a playroom area doesn’t necessarily need to be highly colorful; in this study room, the color touches are in the details – like the orange chairs paired with the aquarium.

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Karyn R Millet MG 0236R 950x633 1

Is it possible to have a playroom and a living room in the same space? Yes, and this project by Taylor Borsari is the best example. In this Las Vegas home, the room needed to be versatile – a play space and an area for the video game. The result is a unique charming green room with a highlight for the treehouse. For sure, this is the perfect space for fun memories.

marysia20reeves20martha20mulholland20venice20home203 950x632 1

From the first look, this room seems like a living room. But this lovely space is also a playroom for a little child. The idea was to create a comfy, small space that could dialogue with the rest of the house.


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Source: 1stDibs

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