Top 5 Best Designs by Ryan Korban of Korban Studio


Step into the world of interior design virtuoso Ryan Korban of Korban Studio and discover his top 5 designs that redefine modern glamour.

Ryan Korban of Korban Studio

Ryan Korban is not just any interior designer; he is a force to be reckoned with in the design industry. His unique approach to design blends the traditional with the modern, resulting in spaces that are at once sophisticated and edgy. Over the years, Ryan Korban has established himself as one of the most sought-after designers in the world, and his clients include some of the biggest names in fashion, entertainment, and business.

As the founder of Korban Studio, Ryan has worked on numerous high-profile projects, including luxury hotels, flagship stores, and private residences, with some of his designs being featured in top-tier publications, like Architectural Digest, Vogue, and Elle Decor, to name a few.

With each of these top 5 designs, we’ll take a closer look at what makes them so special, from the carefully curated color palettes to the custom furniture and accessories that bring each space to life. So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your own design projects, join us as we explore the top 5 designs by Ryan Korban.

Ryan Korban of Korban Studio

1. Madison Square

Up first, we have this amazing madison square apartment which centers its approach on elegance and luxury above anything else. From the clean and elegant sofas, armchairs, and chairs that represent the best in modern design, to the detailed chandeliers and decorative objects that pay homage to classic and traditional luxury, this project showcases the Korban Studio designer’s unique ability to create spaces that are elegant and chick, but also modern and fun. All of this, while also playing with a calming neutral color palette that turns this apartment into a peaceful retreat in the middle of the city.

This is definitely a softer look for Ryan Korban, but still a truly beautiful and impactful one, for sure.

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  • -50% Bonnie Armchair Silver Stripes by Hommés Studio

    Bonnie Armchair Silver Stripes

    Armchair 4.500,00 2.250,00
  • Lisola Amrchair Cream by Hommés Studio

    Lisola Armchair Cream

    Armchair 4.600,00
  • -50% Tower Dining Tableby Hommés Studio

    Tower Dining Table

    Dining Table 15.940,00 7.970,00

2. Aquazzura

But if you’re into something a bit more loud and fun, look no further than this Aquazzura store design by Ryan Korban, which both mimics the sass and pizazz of the brand’s shoes (represented by the sticking color palette and over-the-top chandeliers) and finds a way of balancing everything out with some elegant and clean designs (like the marble floors and tabletops or the plush curvy sofas).

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  • -50% Muller Dining Table White by HOMMÉS Studio

    Muller Dining Table White

    Dining Table 14.600,00 7.300,00
  • Vonkli Armchair II by HOMMÉS Studio
    Get Price

    Vonkli Armchair II

    Seating 7.000,00
  • Ajui Sofa by Hommés Studio

    Ajui Sofa Pink

    Sofa 9.180,00
  • -60% Queena Desk by Hommés Studio
    Get Price

    Queena Desk

    Tables 12.000,00 4.800,00

3. Alexander Wang

Moving on to another great commercial project by Korban Studio, this Alexander Wang store design portrays fashion in all its glory. The space features a striking black and white color scheme, metal mesh accents, and industrial-inspired details, which resemble Wang’s brand identity, as well as some standouts like the magnificent marble counter and a unique black fur hammock, in true Ryan Korban style. The result is a memorable shopping experience that reflects both Alexander Wang’s signature style and Ryan Korban’s unique vision.

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  • -50% Fifih Center Tablet Arabscato Set 10 by HOMMÉS Studio

    Fifih Side Tables Arabscato Set 10

    Side Table 14.900,00 7.450,00
  • Lunarys Bench by HOMMÉS Studio
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    Lunarys Bench

    Seating 6.000,00
  • -50% Clyde Center Table by Hommés Studio
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    Clyde Center Table

    Tables 11.000,00 5.500,00

4. Bleecker Residences

The Bleecker Residences, designed by Ryan Korban, offer a unique blend of classic elegance and modern edge, with areas that boast high-end finishes, meticulously selected artworks and accents, and spacious designs that facilitate effortless hosting. All of this is wrapped around a muted color palette that adds gravitas to the spaces with contrasting shades provided by the artwork and decorative objects.

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  • -50% Soleil Round Dining Table by Hommés Studio
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    Soleil Round Dining Table

    Tables 42.000,00 21.000,00
  • Matrioska Chest of Drawers by Hommés Studio

    Matrioska Chest of Drawers

    Chest of Drawers 9.900,00
  • Maria Medium Side Table

    Maria medium side table

    Side Table 2.950,00
  • Arcana Bench by Hommés Studio
    Get Price

    Arcana Bench

    Seating 10.870,00

Chelsea Residence

The last project we’ll go through is this amazing Chelsea Residence, one of Ryan Korban’s most iconic designs, which showcases his unique ability to create spaces that are both elegant and edgy. The predominant color scheme here is black, lending an air of gothic glamour and the furniture pieces are both eccentric and opulent, contributing to the overall aesthetic. Overall this is a space that celebrates the beauty of modern design while embracing the energy of London.

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Check out our selection of HOMMÉS Studio furniture to match this Korban Studio design.

  • Sahara Dining Table by Hommés Studio
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    Sahara Dining Table

    Tables 30.260,00
  • -50%
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    Magnus Console Table Concrete

    Tables 15.000,00 7.500,00
  • Lunarys Stool by Hommés Studio
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    Lunarys Stool

    Seating 5.000,00
  • Zeus Bench by Hommés Studio
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    Zeus Bench

    Seating 8.000,00

In conclusion

Ryan Korban is an exceptional interior designer whose projects demonstrate his distinct vision and skills. Through Korban Studio, the designer adeptly combines modern and classical elements to produce spaces that exude sophistication and edginess, whether designing for high-end residences or world-renowned fashion brands. His work has truly left a mark on the world of interior design, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next.

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to discover our products section and allow yourself to be inspired by our unique collections.

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Source: Ryan Korban and Korban Studio

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