Maximalism Resurgence: Boldness in 2024’s Design Trends


In a delightful twist, 2024 marks the triumphant return of maximalism, a celebration of opulence and bold self-expression in design and style.

In the ever-evolving landscape of design and style, trends are cyclical, and 2024 has heralded the return of maximalism. Emerging from the shadow of minimalist aesthetics that dominated the past decade, maximalism is back with a bang, encouraging a celebration of vibrancy and unabashed self-expression.

Keep reading to know better the spirit of this revival, promising a riot of color, pattern, and personality that transcends boundaries in fashion, decor, and lifestyle.

Breaking the Chains

The appeal of simplicity and minimalism has been embraced by design enthusiasts during the last ten years. In digital spaces as well as on fashion runways, the phrase “less is more” and clean lines and neutral colors were prevalent. Although the principles of minimalist design certainly provided a sense of peace and order, there was a growing need for something more, something audacious, expressive, and unabashedly extravagant.

Early in the year 2024, a paradigm change took place. Designers, celebrities, and everyday people are starting to revolt against minimalism’s limitations and are seeking a return to the extravagant and the extraordinary. The comeback of maximalism is more than just a fad, it’s a cultural movement that inspires individuals to reject the restrained and embrace an unlimited creative world.

Leading the charge in the return of maximalism is the fashion industry, which is always at the forefront of cultural changes. Runways are becoming colorful displays with clashing colors, patterns, and textures that are a diverse blend. Designers are pushing people to express themselves through clothes that draws attention and are supporting a daring attitude to personal style.

The Art

In maximalist interiors, every corner tells a story. Walls adorned with eclectic art, furniture that demands attention, and accessories that defy convention, each element plays a role in creating a narrative that is uniquely and unabashedly maximalist.

It’s all about mixing and matching styles, erasing the boundaries between periods and genres. Antique furniture sits comfortably beside modern pieces, and bold prints find harmony with intricate textures. The art of mixing and matching extends beyond furniture and decor, it permeates the use of color as well. Contrasting hues, for example, bold reds against deep blues, vibrant yellows paired with rich greens. This fearless approach to color transforms living spaces into energetic and captivating environments, where every glance reveals a new layer of complexity.

However, it’s important to remember that maximalism done poorly can quickly veer into chaotic territory. The key lies in achieving a sense of balance, even amidst the abundance. Careful consideration of scale, color harmony, and purposeful placement is crucial to ensure the space remains visually interesting without becoming overwhelming. When done right, maximalism creates a space that is both invigorating and inviting, a true reflection of the vibrant tapestry of life.

While maximalism encourages abundance, it doesn’t dismiss the importance of practicality. Designers are adept at balancing the visual richness of maximalist interiors with functional considerations. Clever storage solutions, versatile furniture layouts, and strategic use of lighting help create spaces that are not just visually stunning but also comfortable and livable.

Maximalism at Home

To apply this style in your home remeber, it’s about creating a sense of comfort and joy through a carefully considered, albeit exuberant, mix. Think jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue juxtaposed with unexpected pops of neon. Layering plays a key role, with textured rugs grounding the space beneath velvet furniture draped in patterned throws. Don’t be afraid to mix and match eras and styles, for example, a vintage chaise lounge can find a harmonious home next to a sleek, modern coffee table, as long as the overall balance feels intentional.

Next, layer your treasures. Fill shelves with books, and family heirlooms, letting each piece tell a story. Walls are prime real estate for a maximalist, create a gallery using artwork, photographs, and textiles, arranging them in a dynamic composition that reflects your unique taste.

  • Leafus Suspension Lamp by Hommés Studio

    Leafus Suspension Lamp

    Suspension Lamp 5.900,00
  • Ajui Armchair Terra by Hommés Studio

    Ajui Armchair Terra

    Armchair 5.650,00
  • Rosalia Sideboard Blue by HOMMÉS Studio

    Rosalia Sideboard Blue

    Sideboard 13.800,00
  • Fifih Bench Pink by HOMMÉS Studio

    Fifih Bench Pink

    Bench 4.400,00

Maximalism Takes Center Stage in Poor Things

A great example of the presence of maximalism style is in Yorgos Lanthimos Oscar nominee movie Poor Things. The wealthy Victorians’ homes are overflowing with a riot of textures, patterns, and colors, each element vying for attention in a symphony of visual excess. Walls are adorned with layers of patterned wallpaper, clashing with the grandeur of ornate moldings and wainscoting. Chandeliers dripping with crystals illuminate an eclectic mix of furniture styles – from heavy, brocaded armchairs to delicate porcelain tables, all competing for space in the already crowded rooms.

Through the lens of maximalism interior design, Poor Things not only paints a vivid portrait of Victorian opulence but also serves as a metaphor for the character’s desires and anxieties. The overflowing rooms become a manifestation of their yearning for excess, their fear of emptiness, and their constant need to fill the void in their lives. In the end, the maximalism aesthetic becomes more than just a stylistic choice, it becomes a reflection of the film’s themes, adding another layer of depth and complexity to this captivating cinematic experience.

As we embrace the maximalist resurgence in 2024, it’s evident that the future of interior design is one where ‘more is more’ takes center stage. The return of maximalism signifies a shift towards design that is unafraid, expressive, and deeply personal. It’s a movement that encourages us to surround ourselves with the things we love, to revel in the beauty of diversity, and to embrace the extraordinary in our everyday lives.

Whether you’re a seasoned design enthusiast or a homeowner looking to refresh your space, consider the allure of maximalism. Embrace the bold colors, mix and match styles with confidence, and let your home tell a story that is uniquely yours. If you enjoyed this article make sure to check our other article about maximalist furniture!

Source: Pinterest & Google

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