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It’s been way too long since the last time we had the chance to experience the epitome of classical elegance and modern creativity. Milan Design Week 2021 is here. And with it, we are celebrating modern Italian design with as much stylishness and sophistication as required.

Italian Design - Milan Design Week

modern furniture and lighting catalog

Italian design is the world trendsetter in fashion, architecture, industrial, and interior design. It assembles high-end details, elegance, and sophistication. And it is the link between the past and the future.

Italian Design - Milan Design Week

The strong heritage of Italian design blurs the line between art and interiors.

Italian Design - Milan Design Week


memphis design style rounded sofa for modern living room projects

Máni Dining Table is the perfect marble design table for a luxury dining room.
MÁNI Center Table
Lush wall mirror for luxury art deco entrance hall design
LUSH Mirror

Midcentury modern Italian design combines classic elegance with modern creativity. In the Cluedo seating collection, Máni Center Table, and Lush Mirror, art deco and Memphis Milano bounce in our perception.

On one hand, a playful design captivates our attention with squishy shapes. On the other hand, a conventional color palette highlights the distinctive elegance of each one of these modern furniture pieces.


quantic futuristic console table for luxury entrance hall project
QUANTIC Console Table

hommes studio rumba console 02
RUMBA Console Table
Marino Sideboard is an exclusive furniture piece for a contemporary itnerior.
MARINO Sideboard

Expertise is the best way of celebrating Italian design. Stainless steel, polished marble spheres, wood marquetry, and gloss finishings underline the astounding craftsmanship that comes from designing and manufacturing with passion, detail, and know-how

The Quantic console table is a mixture of travertine stone, golden stainless steel, and hand-polished. The Rumba console table honors wood marquetry. Finally, the Marino sideboard has a multitude of tactile (and visual) textures with marble and stainless steel and wood both raw and lacquered. All these features are mastered by love.

The artistry enlivens a room and, at the same time, starts off some interesting conversations about the design and its heritage.


Ibiza Wall Mirror for statement dining room
IBIZA Mirror

Ahron - Geometrical Rug with Modern Memphis Inspiration
Jaxon Rug - Modern Rug - Abstracts rug with Memphis Design Style inspiration

Celebrating Italian design is celebrating high-end materials, carefully sourced and crafted. Glass, wood, marble, ceramics, natural fibers, and sustainable materials. Italian design combines stylishness and innovation.

The Ibiza mirror is made of lacquered wood and natural fibers. Jaxon rug is made of natural fibers as well, namely wood. And so does Ahron rug which is made of sustainable fibers made from bamboo.

Hommés Studio delivers products that are as stylish as innovative. When it comes to textiles, products are made of wool and silk – classic premium materials. Nevertheless, incubating the future, our textiles are mostly recycled fibers and vegan fibers made from bamboo and wood.


Fuschia dining table for high-end dining room project
FUSCHIA Dining Table

kitchen lamps
MYSTIC Suspension Lamp
hommes studio lighting luminous suspension 1
LUMINOUS Suspension Lamp

Sculptural chandeliers, streamlined furniture, and visual textures are features that modern Italian design got us used to. Celebrating Italian design is to celebrate distinctive elegance and idiosyncratic features.

Fuschia is an elegant dining table with is the juxtaposition of rectangular and round shapes. The zingy (and stunning) Mystic suspension lamp is the epitome of modern Italian design while the Luminous suspension lamp is a streamlined and modern interpretation of art deco lighting fixtures.

Join us in this celebration of elegance, sophistication, and utmost quality.

Download the Hommés Studio catalog and discover furniture, lighting, and home accessories inspired by the strong design heritage of Italian design.

Visit ACH Collection website and discover high-end homeware for a wholesome modern lifestyle.

modern furniture and lighting catalog

September 1, 2021
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