Discover the LA Home Design by Jeremiah Brent and William Hefner


Jeremiah Brent and William Hefner designed a stunning LA Home for a young family. Let’s take a look inside and explore its Mediterranean Modern-Style House.

Kevin and Nahal Danesh, a married couple, approached their design idols, Jerimiah Brent and William Hefner, to create a stunning and modern home in LA. They specifically requested to steer clear of antique furniture and traditional Iranian decor. The result was an incredible interior design project.

The couple adores the designs of Jeremiah Brent and William Hefner. They particularly love the LA House, built in the classic Mediterranean style. The house is made of brick and stone and has an L-shaped layout surrounding a courtyard. The wide arched passageways, tall arched windows, and gorgeous glass-and-steel doors blend indoors and outdoors while letting in ample sunlight.

Jeremiah Brent project

The married couple’s beautiful home was enhanced with a stunning pearl-white plaster central staircase to make a strong statement. The staircase’s swooping design offers a striking contrast to the square lines of the house and highlights the connection between the upper and lower levels. Nahal projected this stunning staircase with a beautiful and elegant Eric Roinestad chandelier.

Kevin projected the main piece of his living room, the marble-clad bar. The bar includes custom stools and a unique bar cabinet created by Jeremiah Brent Design. This space is perfect for hosting small gatherings and is a central focal point when entertaining guests in their LA home. The living room has two camelback sofas separated by a bronze waterfall console. The ambiance is enhanced by custom Pierre Talus cocktail tables and glass-and-brass pendants, creating a peaceful and elegant atmosphere.

marble bar in the living room

Jeremiah Brent and William Hefner created the perfect vision of an ideal home for the Danesh family. The couple desired a clean look for the house, with natural wood, neutral palettes, and plenty of breathing room to create a serene and modern atmosphere. Jeremiah Brent understood the desires of the married couple and gave the LA house a luxuriously low-key modern aesthetic.

The family room has a stylish sectional sofa made by Twist Custom and a white cocktail table from Collected. The designers use gentle beiges and chalky white to create a refined and peaceful atmosphere. From the family room, you have an excellent view of the dining room, which has been expertly designed by Jeremiah Brent. The dining area features upholstered chairs surrounding a custom white oak table, and to add to the tranquil and cozy feel, Brent has included a Cointrin pendant lamp.

The Brent and Hefner-designed LA home boasts a stylish and practical kitchen. The kitchen boasts a large glass window that offers a breathtaking view of the outside of the house. The Arteriors stools, upholstered in a linen blend, pull up to the palazzo marble-topped island, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to the kitchen. The reclaimed wire-brushed white oak cabinets and the luxurious pendants complete the elegant kitchen look.

LA Home kitchen with arteriors benches upholstered in linen

The main bedroom of this exceptional house exudes a captivating modern design. Jeremiah Brent has meticulously curated the space, incorporating an outstanding antique black marble fireplace mantel that evokes the elegance of a French château. In front of the black fireplace, a magnificent pair of open-back swivel lounge chairs designed by Vladimir Kagan enhances the room’s charm. The addition of vintage glass globe lights and a meticulously hand-knotted wool antique rug further achieves a harmonious fusion of vintage charm and contemporary aesthetics.

Complementing the main bedroom, the primary bathroom boasts a distinctive interior design. This sanctuary of tranquility features a custom marble tub that invites relaxation, while the custom Nero Marquina herringbone tile flooring exudes a sense of timeless beauty. The carefully selected elements in the bathroom come together to create a serene ambiance that elevates the overall experience of this beautiful space.

primary bedroom with a pair of open-back swivel lounge chairs and a black fireplace
primary bathroom with a custom marble tub and custom nero marquina herringbone tile flooring

The family home has an incredibly playful children’s room. In the younger son’s room, the bespoke climbing wall was incorporated by Slab + Steel, adding an adventurous element to the space. To enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the room, bold chairs, an oak Merton table, and a custom bed were added. Combining all the elements transforms the younger son’s room into a captivating and playful space.

younger son's room with a climbing wall and bold chairs

The family house is adorned with a remarkable outdoor area that is a captivating extension of the living space. Jeremiah Brent and William Hefner have seamlessly integrated a magnificent outdoor dining area with a bluestone dining table surrounded by dining chairs. Above these stunning furnishings hands, Hector Finch’s Michele Lantern creates an enchanting ambiance for outdoor dining and entertaining.

To complete the theme of tranquility, Jeremiah Brent and William Hefner transformed the family poolside into a serene oasis with custom lounges with pillows of perennials shearling. The addition of Pottery Barn umbrellas and antique stone planters complements the sophistication of the surroundings. These elements culminate in a harmonious retreat, inviting the family to immerse in peaceful moments by the pool.

poolside with antique stone planters and umbrellas

Steal the Look

Jeremiah Brent and William Hefner design this stunning Los Angeles home for a family environment. The interior and exterior of this home are breathtaking as if you were living in a paradise oasis. We hope this great project by these talented designers has inspired you just as it has inspired us. We selected some pieces from the HOMMÉS Studio collection to help elevate your design living spaces. Check it out:

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Combining neutral palettes with modern furnishings resulted in an inspiring interior design project. This LA Home draws inspiration from the Mediterranean Modern-Style, creating an ideal location for a chic and refined lifestyle. If you’re seeking more inspiration, we invite you to explore our Summer Home Ebook to help you create the ideal paradise for your living space projects.

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