How To Decorate A Dining Room Like A Top Interior Designer 


If you were looking for tips on how to decorate a dining room, you’ve come to the right place! Want to know what the experts say? Then check it out now!

We’ve gathered 3 golden tips from expert interior designers to create a memorable space for entertaining, mixing styles, and exploring the boldest color palettes!

How To Decorate A Dining Room with mixed styles
By Mark Roskams

Is there a better place in the house to share good times with family or gather friends than the dining room? Considering all the time that is likely to be spent in this space, its decoration should be taken into account. 

Still, the question remains: How to decorate a dining room in an interesting and creative way, without losing the elegance and grandeur that the space suggests?

It is essential to determine the function of the dining room before beginning the design process, either for yourself or for the client. Will it be used for family gatherings or dinner parties? Are there children living there? Do you hold meetings at the table for business? How much seating is needed? 

How To Decorate A Dining Room Like a Pro: 3 STEPS

Once you have these answers, creating the ideal environment will become much simpler. Making the dining room practical is more important than just decorating it in the most elegant way possible. The good news is that with our tips, it is possible to have both!


Choosing the right furniture will make all the difference to your dining room decor. With the above answers in hand, it’s time to start the practical part! The Modern dining room furniture will have curves and lots of metallic details, while a marble table will give your dining room decor a more Mid-Century Modern vibe. The first expert tip on how to decorate a dining room is:

The dining room table: As the protagonist of the room, it can assume different formats, colors, and materials, but to choose the best dining table there are some specific tips. Invest in round tables with up to four seats to maximize space in a small dining room, since it cuts off the corners and is great for socialization. Square dining tables are practical for everyday use and easy to turn an unused corner into a cozy dining place, while a rectangular or long table is a great idea for those who host large dinners and guests. Tables made of strong and durable materials, such as solid wood, tempered glass, marble, or iron, should be preferred.

The dining chair: To create a bold and unique dining room decor, forget the idea that dining chairs should be part of the same set decor. Of course, following a pattern of decoration makes the room more harmonious, but this does not mean being monotonous. Wooden chairs are classic and can appear both upholstered and unupholstered, allowing for beautiful designs. Metal detail chairs, on the other hand, give a contemporary look to the dining room, besides leaving a more relaxed atmosphere.

Sideboards and Cabinets: Even if they are not as essential to the composition of the dining room (like a set of tables with chairs), sideboards and cabinets can be very helpful as a part of the storage furniture. Besides being true design pieces with unique shapes, they are useful for storing a variety of accessories such as plates, sous-plates, and napkins that are used during meals. 

How To Decorate A Dining Room with sideboard and cabinet


The second expert tip on how to decorate a dining room is to invest in good lighting. And thinking about that, after the table, perhaps no other element defines a dining room better so than the chandelier. 

Following the tips of award-winning designer, Ghislaine Viñas, high ceilings can be great allies to bet on large pieces such as suspension lamps, while lower ceilings may require more focal and linear lighting that hovers over the table, like a pedant light. “Lighting over a dining table can be an incredible way to bring a unique look to a room; it’s a chance to do something unexpected and dramatic”, states the professional in an interview for Galerie Magazine

How to decorate a dining with with ribbon suspension lamp

Besides having a practical function, lighting contributes to making the room cozy and more welcoming. And although it is usual to center the lighting on the table, this is far from being a rule. According to celebrated interior designer Stephen Sills, the ideal is to hang the item in the center of the room, so that the position of the table is flexible. Regardless of the style of your dining room, there is no better topic on how to decorate a dining room without relying on good lighting. 


Last –  but not least! –  tip on how to decorate a dining room like a top interior designer is in betting on the right additions. This includes transforming the atmosphere by choosing wallpapers, mirrors, rugs, and accessories to accentuate the glamour this room deserves. Here, your particular taste is what makes it your personal and unique space:

Dining room wall decor: A dining room with mirrors besides being classic, can be stunning. Add a touch of luxury with a wall mirror in a stunning frame. They make the room even more refined and give a feeling of spaciousness. Wallpapers are also great for completing your dining room decor without too much effort. They will add impact, interest and intriguing detail to your space. 

Dining room table decor: Another way to elevate the decor in your space is with a robust selection of tabletop accessories including porcelain, crystal, vases and trays. Natural plants and flower arrangements also make the room lighter and fresher.

Rugs for dining room: The dining room rugs have benefits that go beyond aesthetics.  In addition to improving their design, when placed over the dining table they make the environment much cozier. A beautiful rug hung on the wall, besides being considered a work of art, will bring personality to the space and will certainly be a conversation starter.

How To Decorate A Dining Room with mixed styles
By Aimee Mazzenga

Regardless of the decorating style you choose, there will always be options to make the space cozy and luxurious. Now that you’ve learned how to decorate a dining room like a top interior designer, how about getting inspired by 20 celebrity dining rooms to complete your home decor?

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