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20 Celebrity Dining Rooms That Are A Feast For The Eyes - Hommes Studio

20 Celebrity Dining Rooms That Are A Feast For The Eyes

Discover 20 celebrity dining rooms that will influence your interior design project and our dining room remodel – from organic design, passing by effortless chic dining rooms to extravagant and lush colors and patterns around – and on – the table. Celebrities influence the way we dress, and even the way we think. Why not allow them to influence the way we design interiors? With access to the world’s most exclusive properties and interior designers, these are the 20 dining room design ideas that will feast your eyes and creativity.

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Celevrity Dining Rooms - Modern Farmhouse Rustic Interior Meets Contemporary Style
Douglas Friedman

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher‘s family home on the hilltop of Beverly Hills is a sophisticated farmhouse. The dining room in Backen & Gilliam Architects designed the barn-look-alike home that Charles & Co. Vicky Charles decorated designs one of the most whimsical celebrity dining rooms – where rustic and luxury harmoniously coexist.


Celebrity Dining Rooms - Elle Macpherson

Sawyer | Brenson, the New York City-based AD100 practice, worked alongside Elle Macpherson for two intensive months to bring to life the newest Elle Macpherson home in Florida. The supermodel and 90s heart-breaker wanted a sustainable approach to her new home yet modern. The dining room has contemporary artwork – a neon installation of British artist Tracey Emin – and vintage furniture, such as 1950s Pierre Jeanneret chairs and a mid-century modern sideboard.


Celebrity Dining Rooms - Seth Meyers
Shade Degges

The Manhattan duplex, home to Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe, was decorated by Meyer’s sister-in-law, Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro. The talented duo Ashe Leandro brings together the simplicity of Scandinavian design and the charm of 1930s Manhattan in a neutral schemed home.


Cara's Delevigne LA HOME  - Celebrity Dining Rooms
Laure Joliet

Maximalist and funny. That’s the home of Cara Delevingne in Los Angeles. Far from being boring, Cara Delevingne’s home is an escape from the real world. Designed hand-in-hand with Nicolò Bini of Line Architecture, one of the celebrity dining rooms that combines bold colors – lilac and yellow- is the predominant hues of Cara Delevigne’s dining room.


Elton John and David Furnish's Beverly Hills House - Celebrity Dining Rooms
Roger Davies

One of the most beautiful colorful celebrity dining rooms is Elton John and David Furnish’s home in Los Angeles. The modern dining room design includes vintage furniture pieces and artworks of Keith Haring and Wang Guangyi and a group of photographs by William Eggleston. The interior design is by Martyn Lawrence Bullard.


Celebrity Dining Rooms - Kendall Jenner Home
 William Abranowicz

Kendall Jenner’s home in Los Angeles is one of a kind – and so it is her dining room. Designed by mother and son interior design duo Clements Design, this is one of the most exquisite celebrity dining rooms. Wood furniture, vintage lighting fixtures. The dining room has a worn-out aesthetic, almost as if Kendall Jenner breaks into an authentic 1920s Hollywood residence lost in time.


Serena Williams Modern Dinign Room

Serena Williams, alongside sister Venus Williams and her interior design practice, V-Starr, designs her dream home in Florida. The minimal celebrity dining room gets a dramatic ambiance with the red artwork on the wall – painted by Serena Williams – and the several lighting fixtures above the dining table.


Celebrity Dining Rooms - Mark Ronson
Sam Frost

Mark Ronson’s home in Los Angeles exhales eccentricity so that this is one of the most lavish celebrity dining rooms. Black painted ceiling, extravagant wallpaper and brass fixtures. This eccentricity is present in other rooms of the house. As a matter of fact, Mark Ronson’s home in Los Angeles is the perfect scenario for the 1930s Hollywood bohemian living – animal print, golden fixtures and bold yet classic colors, such as blue cobalt.


Celebrity Dining Rooms - Justin Nikita and Jesse Taylor Fergusson
Emily Berl

One of the most elegant celebrity dining rooms belongs to Jesse Taylor Ferguson and Justin Mikita. The Modern Family actor Justin Mikita collaborated with set decorator-turned-interior designer Peter Gurski to bring to life his family home in Los Feliz. The interior of the 1928s Spanish Colonial property is classy and elegant with an outstanding art deco flair.


LA Jessica Home
Stephen Kent Johnson

Clements Design is the creative mind behind Jessica Alba’s family home in Los Angeles. The interior design is a transitional style, with a lot of modern furniture meeting classic pieces and eclectic accessories in the same room.


LA Home - celebrity dining rooms
Tish Cyrus

Tish Cyrus and Mat Sanders design a psychedelic home for Tish’s daughter – the unique Miley Cyrus. Her home is very much like her personality – provocative, bohemian, and passionate. The celebrity dining room combines bohemian patterns with contemporary furniture design.


celebrity dining rooms - lee daniels
Sam Frost

Forever a New Yorker, the home of Lee Daniels in Los Angeles is a minimalist dream. The modern home prioritizes natural materials – and colors – over anything else. At Lee Daniels home we find one of the most captivating celebrity dining rooms – black, white, stone, wood, and glass are adorned with the sunlight.


Kylie House - celebrity dining rooms
Douglas Friedman

Martyn Lawrence Bullard has in his portfolio some of the Kardashian-Jenner’s estate. The home of Kylie Jenner in Los Angeles was decorated by the top interior designer. The modern dining room is disguised in Millennial-pink hues.


Tim Hirschmann

Charli XCX’s home in Los Angeles is bohemian and colorful – so does her celebrity dining room. The retro interior design is filled with second-hand, vintage, and thrift-store findings. The dining room is effortlessly chic – with contemporary artworks, a classic chandelier, mid-century furniture, and a Memphis Milano-inspired rug.


celebrity dining rooms - marc jacobs
Fraçois Halard

The home of the fashion designer Marc Jacobs in New York translates his fashion visual identity into interior design. His home is irreverent – a harmonious composition of light and dark hues, new and old pieces. The dining room of Marc Jacobs has a dramatic collage that contrasts with the conventional dining table and chairs.


Chrissy Teigen And John Legend - celebrity dining rooms
Benjamin Illulian

Minimal and organic, the words that best describe John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s home. Neutral hues and natural materials reign. Therefore, the minimal dining room is one of the most effortless chic celebrity dining rooms ever.


celebrity dining rooms - anne hathaway
Stephen Kent Johnson

Studio Shamshiri rethinks a historic Alpine-inspired getaway for Anne Hathaway and her husband Andy Schulman. The couple’s dining room is made of wood has is decorated with an elegant pendant above the vintage dining table.


Kravitz Design

Sexy, funny, and provocative – that’s the dining room of Lenny Kravitz’s home in Beverly Hills. A dining table with a glass tabletop and modern dining chairs with golden details stand out among the warm and burning hues of the singer and interior designer’s home.


Tommy Hilfiger - Celebrity Dining Rooms
Douglas Friedman

Celebrities love Martyn Lawrence Bullard as much as the interior designer loves bold colors and geometric patterns. For Tommy Hilfiger’s home in Miami, the interior designer creates a contemporary and vibrant dining table – one of the most sophisticated celebrity dining rooms.


celebrity dining rooms - brooke shields
William Waldron

Brooke Shield’s family nook on Greenwich Village has an elegant and timeless aesthetic. In collaboration with decorator David Flint Wood, Shields conceives a home to shelter both her family and her memories. The classic dining room has some irreverent features, such as the dramatic black suspension lamp.

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