METAMORFIK House – The Highlights Of 2022 Decorex London


From 9th to 12th October 2022, Olympia hosted the 44th edition of Decorex London. HOMMÉS Studio was there with METAMORFIK House.

HOMMÉS Studio teamed up with TAPIS Studio, ACH Collection, and ACH4Pets. The four brands landed in London with their best designs. Under the roof of METAMORFIK House, the design studio revealed its versatility in a blend of real and digital realities.

NeoModernism METAMORFIK House

What Is Decorex London?

Decorex London is one of Europe’s leading design events. This trade show gathers high-end interior design professionals to meet and do business. In 2022, the event has returned to Olympia London in October on its 44th edition with a complete exhibition of wall coverings, furniture, lighting, and floor coverings to celebrate design and creativity.

The event Decorex is based on three essential principles – quality, inspiration, and connection. Therefore, Decorex exhibitors and visitors produce and appreciate the best furniture and home accessories made with the best materials and thoughtful production processes. The trade show and design event also features talks that bring to the table new ideas and discusses the industry’s state of the art.

Another pillar of Decorex London is valuable connections, including the connection between the physical and digital worlds.

decorex 2022 metamorfik house by hommes studio


METAMORFIK House – The Future Vision of Interiors II is a design exhibition that combines digital and physical reality presented by HOMMÉS Studio, TAPIS Studio, ACH Collection, and ACH4Pets at 2022 Decorex London.

After the successful CHROMATIK House, Fuorisaloni’s award nominee exhibition, the HOMMÉS Studio furthers the exploration of the relation between a touchable reality and the metaverse. At 2022 Decorex London, METAMORFIK House revealed a stunning booth with products from all four brands (HOMMÉS Studio, TAPIS Studio, ACH Collection, and ACH4Pets). The curated products included unique furniture pieces, luxurious and modern rugs, exclusive decorative objects, and high-end pet accessories. All visitors were invited to feel and manipulate the products and pay attention to their materials, textures, details, and finishings.

In addition to a physical and touchable booth at Decorex 2022 that was elegant, breezy, and bright, METAMORFIK House includes three metaverse spaces – a monochromatic modern organic home, a mid-century modern residence, and a gallery-like room displaying TAPIS Studio’s iconic designs. Each of these metarooms – NeoCraft, NeoModern, and NeoGothic – is a reinterpretation of timeless and beloved design movements, namely the Arts & Crafts, mid-century modern architecture, and the high proportions of Gothic and Art Deco. In other words, METAMORFIK House is a comprehensive and ultra-modern way of looking into art movements and design philosophies relevant to our industry and zeitgeist. 

decorex london 2022 metamorfik house

HOMMÉS Studio’s Stand

METAMORFIK House’s physical reality came to life with HOMMÉS Studio’s stand at Decorex London 2022. The brand’s booth G144 was shared with other brands born under HOMMÉS Studio’s umbrella – TAPIS Studio, ACH Collection, and ACH4Pets.

HOMMÉS Studio’s stand showcased the versatility of the design studio. The booth G144 forgathered impressive furniture, such as a Memphis Design-inspired dining table, art deco chairs with eclectic fabric, and maximalist armchairs, wall mirrors, and lighting fixtures. HOMMÉS Studio’s stand also included a corner dedicated to the design studio’s brand offering stylish and sophisticated floor covering solutions, TAPIS Studio.
Moreover, HOMMÉS Studio’s stand is complemented with luxurious rugs from TAPIS Studio, vibrant decorative objects and home scents from ACH Collection, and pet accessories from ACH4Pets.

METAMORFIK House Virtual Tour

METAMORFIK House’s digital reality englobes three simulated spaces – NeoCraft, a monochromatic modern organic home; NeoModern, a mid-century modern residence; and NeoGothic, a gallery-like room displaying TAPIS Studio’s iconic designs.
These meta-living spaces take inspiration from design movements that HOMMÉS Studio still considers relevant to the industry and how we design the spaces we live in. They include the authenticity of the arts and crafts movement, the functionality of mid-century architecture, and the brightness and elevated proportions of gothic and art deco spaces.
At Decorex 2022, the visitor could take a sit and enter each virtual reality. Nevertheless, you didn’t need to be a Decorex London attendee to visit and explore the digital reality of METAMORFIK House.

NeoCraft, NeoModernism, and NeoGothic. HOMMÉS Studios created three virtual realities to help tell the story of the Future Vision of Interiors. In this manner, NeoCraft is an airy and breezy home with monochromatic hues and an army of natural materials, such as wood and travertine, naturally inspired by the arts and crafts movement. NeoModernism is a residence inspired by Frank Lloyd Wrights’s masterpiece, Fallingwater. Finally, NeoGothic celebrates the whimsical connection between humans and objects as art, creating a contemplative space where all TAPIS Studio’s rugs are exhibited as immaculate artworks.

New Arrivals

HOMMÉS Studio’s exhibition at 2022 Decorex London brought not only an innovative way of looking into classical art movements but also fresh new products that inspire and dare interior design professionals.

TAPIS Studio’s also brought new arrivals, like a collection of handwoven rugs and rugs inspired by traditional Portuguese throws, the Menízias. Back to HOMMÉS Studio, the unique furniture brand introduced a collection of travertine furniture celebratory of its elegant natural colors and irresistible texture. Furthermore, METAMORFIK House was the perfect introduction to new versions of HOMMÉS Studio’s best-sellers, being the case of Pina Chair Menízia that now has a vibrant version with upholstery in printed velvet in homage to the colors and patterns of traditional Portuguese throws.

Below, find some of our new arrivals that reveal the lines, colors, and materials of HOMMÉS Studio’s hottest designs.

  • Ribon Suspension Lamp Rose Gold by HOMMÉS Studio

    Ribon Suspension Lamp Rose Gold

    Suspension Lamp 8.800,00
  • -50% Billie Round Dining Table Travertine by HOMMÉS Studio

    Billie Round Dining Table Travertine

    Dining Table 16.600,00 8.300,00
  • Moa Cabinet by HOMMÉS Studio

    Moa Cabinet

    Cabinet 12.900,00
  • Vonkli Armchair II by HOMMÉS Studio
    Get Price

    Vonkli Armchair II

    Seating 7.000,00
  • Cadiz Sofa by HOMMÉS Studio
    Get Price

    Cadiz Sofa

    Seating 15.000,00
  • Fifih Side Tables Set by HOMMÉS Studio

    Fifih Side Tables Set

    Side Table 6.900,00

METAMORFIK House at 2022 Decorex London disclosed a new home concept. The lookbook The Future Vision Of Interiors gathers beautiful design novelties and trends that will inspire you.

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