Get All The Details Of Cher’s Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor


Cher’s Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor is everything the artist with a career spanning almost 58 years is: unique and eccentric.

Known for her exuberance and musical creativity on stage, the personality’s home on one of California’s most famous beaches reflects her bold and irreverent lifestyle. The property, which took five years to build, features decor inspired by Indian and Victorian themes. Got curious? Get all the details of Cher’s Malibu home in maximalist decor bellow.

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

The expression of art characterizes the maximalist decor through the richness of details, a mix of prints, colors, combinations and patterns. The style allows greater creative freedom, allowing you to mix trends and personalize your environment in a unique way.

 And it is with the philosophy of “more is more” that Cher’s Malibu Home in maximalist decor is a proper invitation to enter the world of interior design and the intimacy of the diva of pop. The actress and singer’s mansion on the beach in Malibu, with a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean, was all decorated in Indian chic style by North American decorator Ron Wilson.

What is now considered by the artist to be her “zen sanctuary,” filled with museum-worthy Asian artwork and custom-made furniture, is a reflection of Cher’s good taste and years of travel. Her interest in design and architecture can easily be found throughout the house, whether it is in her personal decorative items, or the huge panoramic windows in the bedrooms, which offer two breathtaking views of the ocean.

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

To ensure the originality and quality of the renovation of the 16,000-square-foot mansion, builder Wallace Tutt III spared no resources. The best materials were used, including marble and limestone from France and Italy, hand-forged bronze doors, and Moroccan and Spanish tiles and handmade hardware. To complete the maximalist decor, a Venetian marble balustrade from the 18th century was bought from the businessman William Randolph Hearst’s collection, at San Simeon.

Thus, in opposition to all the simplicity of colors, curves, and details that are characteristic of minimalist and modern decoration styles, Cher’s Malibu home in maximalist decor abuses colors, textures, and shapes that give brightness and personality to its spaces.

The Details of Cher’s Malibu Home:

From the garage entrance, you can already admire the grandeur of the diva’s maximalist decor house. Next to the beautiful garden, the idea that each space was carefully thought out for some reference or meaning is perceptible. For example, the antique bronze bulls that stand outside the entryway were chosen considering her astrological sign of Taurus.

In addition, the property’s grand entryway has limestone block walls, bespoke bronze doors, and carved Indian Rajasthani panels. The light is from Berbere Imports, while the bronze candlesticks were obtained from Guinevere Antiques in London.

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

In terms of architecture, there are also many references to European Renaissance villas, Venetian palazzos, and the Moorish influences on the Alhambra castle. Both outside and inside, there is no doubt that Cher’s Malibu home is the representation of maximalist decor. The renovation project features an impressive octagonal-shaped fountain, which is surrounded by the central courtyard.

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

More Maximalist Decor Inspirations:

As in many other parts of the house, unique, custom work was valued. Talented artists painted the ceilings with oriental motifs, mirrors were hand-aged to create walls of reflective magic, and romantic Moroccan-style lighting warms the house. The Moroccan Mashrabiya wood panels that surround the private living area were hand-carved in Fez, Morocco, and the living room ceiling, for example, was hand-painted using gold leaf stencils and a tea stain.

The hand-carved sofas are set with a stunning coffee table. Meanwhile, the pair of 19th century vases completes the decoration of the room with a beautiful Chinese bed made of elm wood from the 17th century. Still in the same room, a hand-painted mandala catches the eye of passers-by. The sofa bed is covered with silk sari fabric and the dining table is surrounded by antique chairs from the 19th century. All perfectly fitted into the maximalist decor style.

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

For the kitchen, the white tones of the walls and the furniture (custom made) contrast with a silver tile backsplash. The windows, large and with a well-defined format, in accordance with the architecture of the rest of the environment, help to expand the space and bring more freshness to the hot summer days. 

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

On the other hand, all the power of maximalist decor can be found in the wash, which was thoughtfully designed using Massangis limestone to compose the countertops. All the charm and glamour of the Hollywood star can also be found in the choice of additions, where walls with aged mirror panels offset an antique 19th century Indian mirror, along with custom wall sconces and the bronze faucets. 

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

The master bedroom of Cher’s Malibu Home features an atrium, a living room, and a bathroom (worthy of movie stars). Cher opted for a special 1920s Syrian bed for resting, which belonged to the famous Hollywood couple Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova. The side tables were acquired from the Grand Bazaar in Cairo. The space becomes even more luxurious with the set of sofas upholstered in hemp silk, accompanied by the textured carpet. 

To top it off, the master suite’s sitting area features poufs, a stunning coffee table, a rug, and walls lined with Malabar silk. 

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

In one of the mansion’s guest rooms, Balinese panels hang over a bed, creating a suspended headboard. The walls are covered in seagrass by Phillip Jeffries and the bedside tables, as in the master suite, stand a beautiful pair of antique Moroccan lampshades. Whether lounging on the chaise by the infinity pool, enjoying a cup of tea in one of the custom-designed rooms, or enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub, Stunning ocean views are present in almost every room at Cher’s Malibu Home. 

Cher's Malibu Home in Maximalist Decor

Now that you’ve taken this veritable tour of Cher’s Malibu home in maximalist decor, take a moment to also learn more about the furniture that makes up this style of environment. Check out HOMMÉS Studio’s selection of bold style ideas for your maximalist decorating project and decorate like a pro!

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