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These Are 7 Key Bathroom Trends In 2022 - Hommes Studio

These Are 7 Key Bathroom Trends In 2022

This year, the bathroom design trends are a departure from what bathrooms used to be. These are the 7 key bathroom trends in 2022.

tinder co-founder sean rag home in la designed by jane hallworth
Sam Frost/AD

Bathroom design in 2022 is like anything before. If during the pandemic homes and rooms were thought differently, the concept of bathroom is still evolving. Bathrooms in 2022 are more refined and airy but more natural and useful. If the bathroom design on-trend appeals to more accessories and decorative elements, it also appeals to proximity to outdoor life, self-care moments, and everything else that contributes to finding some sort of inner peace.

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Funky Troye Sivan House in Melbourne by Flack Studio

Terracotta is one of the biggest 2022 interior design trends, not only in color but also in texture. Every home will have a pinch of terracotta feeling. Warm browns, golden yellow, orange, and pink should be the color palette to kick start your bathroom design or bathroom renovation. For a full terracotta feeling, plaster adds that imperfect, captivating, and seductive texture.


Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness Family Home in East Hampton
AD/Frank Frances

With wellness on top of all interior design projects’ briefing, home wellness achieves a whole new level on bathrooms. One of the ultimate bathroom trends in 2022 is bathrooms with spa-like extras, such as steam rooms, saunas, and jacuzzis.


tinder co-founder sean rag home in la designed by jane hallworth
Sam Frost/AD

Texture is an essential element of a good interior design project. Nevertheless, this year texture is mandatory in bathroom design. Stones with glaze-looking surfaces and extravagant patterns, from marble to onyx, have no quantity limitations for a modern bathroom design.

Nevertheless, dressing up a bathroom entirely in natural stone is often expensive. For a smaller financial commitment, there are ceramic and porcelain objects as well as tiles with rich stone-like patterns.


Bathroom With Wallpaper at Neutral Home in Toronto Estate
Alex Lukey

Prioritizing wellness and well-being, interior design became closer to the outdoors and natural life. For this reason, furniture, wallpaper, and decorative elements with nature motifs are one of the bathroom trends in 2022.


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In 2022 we will find more bathrooms with well-appointed lighting designs. Light manipulates the perception of space. Decorative bathroom lighting fixtures are crucial in order to create a warm, cozy, and healthful space.


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suspension lamp for art deco living room
art deco floor lamp for living area


key bathroom trends 2022

Unexpected, but the truth is that plaster is everywhere… and we love it. This rough finishing became glamorous and we find it in the interior of high-end homes. As one of the biggest interior design trends, plaster surfaces are also one of the most beloved bathroom trends in 2022.


Bathroom Inspiration Decor - Inside The Best Celebrity Homes

The rescue of design trends and objects from past decades can be said as ‘Nowstalgia’, which is another major 2022 interior design trend.

Mixing vintage with modern objects is trendy, sustainable, and one of the bathroom design trends this year.


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