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Located in Beverly Hills, in one of its greatest locations, with a mind-blowing view, this property has a long and interesting history of its reconstructions. When bought by the new owners that wanted to move from New York to LA to be closer to their grandchildren, they left everything in the hands of great designers.

Beverly Hills construction regulations

Seattle-based interior architecture and design studio Lucas, 3 brothers and sisters that work together to create amazing designs. In this particular project, they had to work with a local studio because of the very strict and demanding building regulations in Beverly Hills.

What started as just a remodel of the existing building in 1969 quickly became clear that there was a need for a full remodel and rebuild because of how outdated all the windows and electricals were. Although located in a great location in Beverly Hills, the designers didn’t have to consider preservation as the property had no historical value. Something they did have to consider, though, was the strict Trousdale regulations for low-profile properties to not interfere with any neighboring sight line.

In the end, ceilings were raised, and walls were replaced by windows. It resulted in a 6500 sq ft one-floor spacious residence with two bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wine cellar, a gym, an open plan living space, and a kitchen.

What characterized this property was the presence of four natural materials. They not only made this structure special and unique but also became the fundamentals of this house design. Terrazzo combined with textured limestone; flame-sprayed nickel panels, and brushed rift oak, all of which basically became the house. And it wasn’t easy finding the perfect shade and the right amount of warm but not too dark mixes of materials.


When using the flame-sprayed nickel walls, they had to do a lot of experiments to make sure that they would resist the weather, as it is very hot there, and also there the effect of the ocean. The doors and the cabinets were all crafted from brushed rift oak.

The art pieces and collections of the owners were very important to the project. They had an extraordinary collection from which the designers chose the most amazing, best pieces, such as Lynette Yiadom-Boakye’s Vachement, David Hockney, a sizable Philip Guston painting, and more. After placing all the art and decoration, that’s when the project truly took form because, like all the furniture, everything already had a specific position in mind.

A unique detail of the design was the composition of a large 18ft-wide sculpture of tree branches, which was positioned above the living room, across the ceiling. It breaks the main line of space and looks like part of the tree that sits just outside, and you can look at it through the living room window.

Because they incorporated so many glass walls, the house’s lighting was tricky. They planned lighting in layers, correctly illuminating the art, then on a conceptual level, with ambient lights in the kitchen.

Overall, this design finished with the expected results. They created a property that connects organically with the view of Beverly Hills, and for this, they worked together with landscape architect David Hocker. So, not only would the new owners enjoy this amazingly decorated house, but the outdoors and the infinity pool design that leveled the living room made the whole experience of living in Beverly Hills even better and more enjoyable.


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Source: Wallpaper; Photography: Douglas Friedman

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