A Closer Look at Organic Living in Mira Penthouse


Explore this new way of life, organic living, in the Mira penthouse, where the gorgeous homeowners’ family will begin a healthy and eco-friendly life.

When clients moved into the penthouse of a new Embarcadero high-rise, they came with a shared appreciation of the Bay and its bridges, but no shared, non-overlapping interior design styles. They wanted the design to unified vision for their common areas that would “bridge” their disparate ideas while also manifesting their office spaces that could be full reflections of their own personal taste.

They created a quietly beautiful home that softened the angularity of their building and the constructed environment to look onto by using furnishings with architecturally “organic” contours that were ironically inspired by inorganic forms in nature. Caroline Lizarraga’s expansive gold linework and peekaboo crocodile-print plasterwork join custom furnishings and whirling light forms to convey a boldly monochrome story of this wonderful family’s creativity and the shared joy of hosting.

The gorgeous living room in the image above features nudity throughout the space, with gold accents surrounding the primary parts. The enormous black sofa with a nice texture, the large rug with a comfortable texture and noticeable details, and the center table with the room’s color palette.

We can see how the designer incorporated organic living in the Mira penthouse, with some lovely plants above the tables creating a new aspect. The walls aren’t just white; they’re adorned with gold embellishments that resemble golden marble.

The designer selected to utilize the same pattern on the walls as in the main living area in the kitchen, which is located adjacent to the dining room. They employ natural tones that combine the dark wood tone with the white marble, and the kitchen island has the same tone, but the island chairs have gold embellishments that match the walls and ceiling lights. The decorations around the area are small plants that they utilize to make the Mira penthouse feel more organic living.

The excellent dining room features a tabletop that seems like old wood and has a characteristic shape as the base, which, when combined with the black chairs, makes the room look stylish and modern. The ceiling light is the focal point of this area, and the designer decided to use ornamental flowers as chains around the light as it falls to the table.

The designers of this organic living at Mira Penthouse aimed to save as much space as possible in specific spaces. The image above depicts the office, where they chose to install a sofa that converts into a bed at night. Above the carpet, they chose to blend blue and pink to make the area feel more beautiful. The glamorous and stylish ceiling light contributes to the space’s more comfortable and brighter appearance.

Mira penthouse has such large windows that we can see the deep blue sea surrounding us, which appears to be part of the decoration; in addition, it allows much more natural light to reach all of the house’s rooms.

The strength of the materials used in this great main bedroom, notably in the bench bed, is undeniable. All of the gold details are made of metal. The room has a black-and-white color scheme as well as a brown that matches the floor tone. The side cabinets appear to be made of bronze metal, which contrasts with the white tones visible in the wide rug with a wonderful design and on the headboard of the bed, making the room appear more sophisticated and chic while remaining comfortable.

The materials utilized in Mira Penthouse reflect this organic living. The balcony in this main bedroom has a metal set with a circular table and two square benches, an area where the shapes cannot be the same. An amazing view surrounds the balcony.

The image above is the office, the darker space in the Mira penthouse where the homeowners are having an organic living. The carper with different shapes blends beautifully with the zebra pattern on the walls in this darker area. The gold detail can be found again at the middle table near the musical area. An area near the large window with a black leather armchair next to a floor lamp, a guitar, and sound columns.

In the left picture, there is another area within the office space that includes an office table that fits with its black elements, an office chair that helps with posture, and next to all of this is the large shelf where they preserve the books and show the Nike Jordan shoes.

In this organic living at Mira penthouse, The major colors utilized throughout the house are gold, white, and black, as shown in the photographs below, which are employed brilliantly at the entrance and the bathroom. They used a bright and strong hue in the hallway, making it the most noticeable thing in that room. Nonetheless, the designer placed an exceptional decoration at the entrance with the irregular black mirror and the sideboard in black and gold that perfectly fit the distinguishing wall patterns and the black and white rug.

At the Mira penthouse where organic living is particularly seen in the materials used in the different elements of the decorations around the house and the plants that were put in some rooms, making the rooms look fresh and clean.

It happens just like that in this sitting room, with the big windows that surround it making the area look brighter in addition to having a fresh and clean sense. The amazing pattern picked enhances the room’s uniqueness and comfort. The uneven fluffy white rug that connects the dark sofa to the tables and the blue and gold armchairs that are on the rug appears to be linked either way.

We have now reached the end of this amazing organic living design where the strong colors captivate us so strongly in addition to the shapes and unique ceiling lights. Hope you find this article enjoyable and take your interior designs to the next level! If you need any more inspiration, please feel free to check out our HOMMÉS Studio inspirational journal.

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