Tribeca Residence by the top interior design firm Drake/Anderson


The top interior design firm, Drake/Anderson, designed this impressive Downtown Manhattan Residence in Tribeca, a Neighborhood in New York City.

Longtime clients contracted the designers Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson to combine two units in a floor-through apartment in Tribeca tower.


The 360-degree view was what made these designers accept to replan this demanding project. They said that: “it became much more complex in terms of demolition and construction than we had anticipated”. It is not by accident that both, individually and as a team, had already received several awards. Including Elle Decor A-List, Architectural Digest AD100 list and many more.

curved sofa for luxury living room

Because of the reconstruction, some creative and innovative ideas were implemented. For example, this mechanical column in the east main room, that seems totally intentional. Atelier Premiere decorative painters made the custom metallic finish.

The custom office desk was made for two and designed by Drake/Anderson. The artwork takes the main role in the office by Barbara Takenaga.

Manhattan Residence is a four-bedroom house, which two of them are the great rooms. There’s a media room, an office, a wine cellar and a gym. The western part is the entertaining space, where are the sitting area, kitchen and a long fine dining table. On the other side, the east part, we have a great room and the media space, to entertain smaller groups or just to watch television.

Impressive Residence in Tribeca by the top interior design firm Drake/Anderson

In the apartment foyer, a sculpture by Zheng Liu and Mattew Ritchie artworks command attention. The window we see has the main objective of creating a visual connection between the west and east sides. Above the art pieces, a Lindsey Adelman Studio chandelier.

Impressive Residence in Tribeca by the top interior design firm Drake/Anderson

As Aderson says: “Having several different seating zones helps create intimacy within a large apartment”.

Above, the media room, with a plaster wall finish by Atelier Premiere and the lamps from Ralph Pucci International. Drake/Anderson chose an upholstered sofa in a Pierre Frey velvet, a cocktail table from Cristina Grajales Gallery and the armchair is by Mondo Collection. Finally, the sideboard from Jean de Merry and the artwork is by Matthias Meyer.

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