Sasha Adler ‘s Greatest Beach House Design


In Mexico, the designer Sasha Adler applied her imagination to create the best beach house hideaway unique to the region.

SASHA ADLER Design is an interior design firm specializing in historic restoration and new construction. Their approach to interior design is collaborative, and they like creating a narrative with their customers through the careful selection of architectural details, natural materials, and bespoke designs.

Sasha Adler began her career in the fashion sector in New York, and she regularly draws on her editorial experience when designing interiors. Sasha Adler worked as the Design Director for Nate Berkus for 14 years, where she gained a thorough understanding of materiality, antiques, textiles, fine art, scale, and, most importantly, harmony. To design a wide and insightful collection for each client, she draws on an extensive range of global vendor contacts.

Sasha Adlerwork has appeared in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Modern Luxury, Elle, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, and other publications.

sasha Adler designer of this beach house

When a couple from Chicago hired Sasha Adler to work on their New Mexico beach house, she sensed there was a dissonance she wanted to investigate. “However, I’d previously collaborated with the homeowners on several other projects in Chicago. So, while I had an idea of what people were drawn to, there was still a lot of excitement about the possibilities in this new beach house.”

Sasha Adler engaged herself in Mexican culture in order to understand the client’s enthusiasm for all things authentic to the region. The designer searched for books on Mexican architecture and design because the customers desired a beach house that was rooted in colors, and a lot of native artisans and crafts.

The homeowners took a whirlwind trip to Mexico, notably Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico City, in search of the best locally produced materials. While European antiques and Art Deco decor can be seen throughout the property, they were all carefully chosen to complement the warmth of Mexican design by Sasha Adler.

The homeowners, who have six children, wanted the beach house to feel calm and inviting. And, while priceless artworks appear to get more beautiful from one wall to the next, the pervasive carefree warmth of a coastal home remains. The customers explain. “Because this was intended to be a beach house, we come in wet bathing suits and sit everywhere.” It’s a great mix because none of the decors is overly fussy.”

The homeowners maintain hectic lifestyles, emphasizing the importance of their Cabo home’s focus on family. As previously said, they spend a significant amount of time as a family in the kitchen, when they have the time.

They wanted something comfortable yet elegant in the dining room, so Sasha Adler included a table made of parota wood, which is indigenous to Mexico. But because we wanted it to be eclectic, we added a pair of old Murano glass chandeliers from 1stDibs as well as RH chairs. The designer then put twigs to the ceiling of the beach house to bring natural warmth to the space, while weaving further layers into the decor.

The customers can be generous with their Beach house space, frequently inviting friends and family to join them in Mexico. “I don’t think I’ve ever met people who are so generous as hosts,” Sasha Adler says. “So I really leaned into the idea of designing the home not just for the immediate family, but also for all the people who come to visit them.”

Keith Tyson, a British artist, has created a stunning artwork for the family room. With yellow as the main color of two of these beach house rooms makes the space feels more bright, cheery, warm, and sunny. Sasha Adler’s brightly colored basement has a vintage Eero Aarnio wicker chair and ottoman, Bone Simple Design ceiling fittings, and artwork by American artist Katherine Bernhardt.

The serene rooftop bar has vintage handmade ceramic lights by George Pelletier, as well as Serax papier-mâché pendants.

Each bathroom has its own distinct design by Sasha Adler, yet they share aspects such as vivid colors, wood tones, and black embellishments. The main bathroom features a freestanding marble tub by Urban Archaeology, a hanging Verdigris Lantern by Hector Finch, and Chairish 18th-century turquoise and gold plaster brackets. The geometrically themed powder area designed by Sasha Adler is completed with vintage sconces by Maison Arlus and a vintage rattan mirror from 1stDibs. The peacefulness of the guest bathroom is greatly enhanced by the freestanding bathtub by Waterworks and the rustic, hexagonal tiles by Exquisite Surfaces.

The freestanding bathtub by Waterworks and the rustic, hexagonal tiles by Exquisite Surfaces contribute significantly to the tranquillity of the guest bathroom.

The outside bathroom is camouflaged by the stones of the exterior of the house giving the sensation that the magic door is exclusive to the clients.

The Images below are of the bedrooms, and the dominant color is blue, which may be bright or dark and has both a calming and dramatic effect. It is typically linked with beach bungalows due to the sea and sand, and Sasha Adler attempted and succeeded in recreating it here. The gold metal, side stone table, and small basket are all made of natural materials in the bedroom’s darker chamber.

The children’s bedrooms are lighter, less dramatic, and more modern and trendy. It has a hue linked with it depending on the bed, blue for the one above and dark orange for the one below. The sofa in the middle of the room makes it appear especially for playing and resting; the space is not only for the child to play but also to rest.

The homeowners’ favorite spot is seen here, a gathering location for the family. Sasha Adler describes the evening as “here as the sun goes down, looking out at the ocean, looking back at the house, and there’s just no other way to explain it but that it’s our slice of heaven.”

Combining tradition with the art of interior design is what distinguishes this magnificent beach house, where designer Sasha Adler creates incredible rooms to meet the needs of her clients. We hope you’d be inspired by this look and this Sasha Adler beach house design you create your summer masterpiece. If you’re looking for more inspiring and brilliant projects, please check out our Interior Design Project.

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