Elsa Hosk’s Amazing Collection of Vintage Furniture


Victoria Secrets angel and runaway veteran Elsa Hosk has an amazing collection of vintage furniture. The Swedish-born supermodel is a treasure hunter. From auctions to thrift stores and Instagram sales. Elsa Hosk doesn’t miss a good deal, as seen by her new family home in Los Angeles – a modern property designed by Richard Neutra.

Elsa Hosk's Home in South Pasadena, LA, designed by Richard Neutra


At the beginning of her career, Elsa Hosk was told to use her money wisely. Not to spend it, but to invest it. Her first New York home was an apartment in Tribeca. Hosk found great pleasure in renovating the “tiny apartment” so that it became her home. But as Hosk grew, her dreams were growing as well.

Elsa Hosk Amazing Collection of Vintage Furniture

Soon Elsa Hosk would be looking from a home in her favorite part of New York City, Soho. In a leap of faith, Hosk got her dream home in an auction. An industrial building, with high ceilings and big windows, brick walls, and art deco columns. And more importantly, in need of renovation, since it was mandatory to make the house exactly how she imagined it. Two years in and the building was ready to be home to the creative mind behind it.


Elsa Hosk Loft in Soho fullfiled with Vintage Furniture

To furnish the interior of the loft in Soho, Elsa Hosk started to enlarge her collection of vintage furniture. From the Tribeca loft, the supermodel kept the iconic Isamu Noguchi lanterns. As the great treasure hunter she is, she knows once she gets a timeless design piece, she cannot get rid of it. The furniture becomes more valuable, while doesn’t go out of fashion. Elsa Hosk designed the living room area in neutral hues. The amateur designer combined a Bernhardt Sofa in cream with a Mario Bellini Sofa in earthy hues. In the middle of the vintage sofas stands a vintage white marble coffee table.

Elsa Hosk Loft in Soho fullfiled with Vintage Furniture

On the left of the living room area, the runaway veteran created a conversational area. On the wall, there’s an Ettore Sottsass mirror, which is Hosk’s favorite piece. That area is finished with a mid-century sideboard between two Pierre Paulin armchairs. The vintage credenza is from Pierre Paulin as well. Above on the wall, hangs a Picasso, which the supermodel acquired in an auction.

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To pull off an open space of this dimension, Elsa Hosk created several distinct areas. The dining area is “delimited” by plants and green appointments. Like the green rug on the bottom of the dining table and the Ico Parisi dining chairs in olive green. Here, the plants have the same purpose as room dividers. Not a bad move for an amateur interior designer, right?

Custom-Made Kitchen in Elsa Hosk Loft

The supermodel designed her own kitchen, which was custom-made as well as the “perfect blue” shade for the storage furniture. The color was conceived by Farrow and Ball, obviously. For the top of the kitchen island, Elsa Hosk chose Italian marble. The same choice was for the two bathrooms in the loft.


As the impressive treasure hunter that Elsa Hosk is, the supermodel bought a rare Richard Neutra modern house in South Pasadena, Los Angeles. Known as Wilkins House, the property was built in 1949. The structure is actually a near-exact replica of Neutra’s plans for Case Study House #13, the aborted Alpha House. In this manner, Elsa Hosk got a modern architecture masterpiece to live in.

Wilkins Home, by Richard Neutra

By the end of 2020, while 7 months pregnant, the mom-to-be moved from East to West. Elsa Hosk moved to California to welcome her daughter, born in February 2021. Richard Neutra’s modern house is an L-shaped five-bedroom property, with a pool and a large garden. Nothing like the Soho loft, however still very much like Elsa Hosk. The simple lines and neutral hues of Richard Neutra architecture and the green landscape match the mid-century furniture collection that Hosk holds.

Elsa Hosk Amazing Collection of Vintage Furniture

Elsa Hosk's Amazing Collection of Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture of Elsa Hosk at Her Home in Los Angeles

Elsa Hosk drove her timeless vintage furniture across the country. In her new family home, the supermodel and amateur interior designer didn’t feel the need to renovate. In fact, Hosk recreated several of the areas the supermodel had established in her Soho loft, namely the living room. The biggest innovation in Elsa Hosk LA’s home is her daughter’s nursery. Yet, the supermodel decorated her baby room in neutral hues. There’s also retro furniture adorning it.

Elsa Hosk Daughter Room

Elsa Hosk says to AD that “Design is the ultimate creative process—you can really reflect your feelings and your mood into your surroundings”. Decorating her own home has allowed her to save money and to truly find meaningful design pieces. The supermodel finds herself at the home she dreamed of. And decorated. And we’re glad she did.

As Elsa Hosk does, will you be looking for vintage furniture with a timeless design style? Well, start from discovering Hommés Studio exclusive vintage design pieces.

Source: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/elsa-hosk-home-tour

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