The Modern and Fun Interiors of Michelle Gerson’s Work


For the Manhattan-based interior designer Michelle Gerson, going big is also going home. In order to create fun and modern interiors, the designer juxtaposes contemporary art with mid-century furniture.

Modern interior in grey tone adorned with colorful contemporary art pieces

The Manhattan-based interior designer Michelle Gerson often has the chance to work with spacious estates in elite locations across NY. From the Big Apple itself to New Jersey and, obviously, the Hamptons. The self-taught designer creates modern and sophisticated atmospheres and always goes for impactful objects. Not only in size, but also in the matter.

Modern living room in Hamptons concepted by Michelle Gerson. It predominates the pale tons and geometrical forms are found in furniture and in the art on the wall

Modern reading corner concepted by Michelle Gerson. The designer went for geometrical form in the furniture and chose a pale color palette.

Michelle Gerson’s beach house in Hamptons presents a contemporary living room. A curved sofa and a geometrical coffee table decorate it. In addition, there’s a textured rug in the room. The wall is adorned with an abstract contemporary art piece.

Wall lamp and colourful contemporary art piece in a decorating project by Micheller Gerson creating a modern and fun interior

The self-taught interior designer frequently places colorful and vibrant paintings in rooms where neutral hues reign. Evidently, the combination results in modern and fun interiors.

Black and White luxury kitchen with geometrical lines concepted by Michelle Gerson

Black and White luxury kitchen with geometrical lines concepted by Michelle Gerson

Usually, Michelle Gerson projects have a simple and small color palette. Like white, cream, beige, pastel blue or black, yes, black. But the risks are taken in the combination of several shapes and patterns. And some very city-like decor elements.

Modern and fun bedroom concepted by Michelle Gerson with neutral tones and geometrical furniture

luxury bathroom in black with vibrant contemporary paiting creating a modern and fun environment

We find a lot of New York City inspiration in Michelle Gerson’s use of street art-inspired elements.

Modern and fun bedroom concepted by Michelle Gerson, combining classic furniture with contemporary art

A bedroom for a project in Upper East Side. Michelle Gerson chooses to pay homage to the uplifting sports culture. There’s a big contrast between traditional furniture and decorative objects. We can say that Michelle Gerson doesn’t play by the rules. But the way she combines both is outstanding.

If you’re looking for inspiration to decor a room with cool contemporary art pieces, we suggest you to discover everything you need to know on Hommés Studio Living with Art.

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Source: Meet a New York-Based Decorator Who Thinks Bigger is Always Better

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