Sketch For Winter: Interior Trends 2021

When the heat is gone, what are the hot winter interior trends in 2021? That’s a good question to think about while listening to The Durutti Column’s Sketch For The Winter. However, we already have some answers. So you better start to plan that winter interior design project.


Winter Interior Design Trends in 2021

Winter Interior Design Trends in 2021

Similar to 2021 summer interior trends, nature must be present in your wintertime interior project. As matter of fact, nature is the 2021 interior design trend. It manifests itself in many ways, either in color – the earthy tones, materials, such as marble, wood, and metal, and in greenery. Biophilic design and outdoor space dominate the summer trends, and that shall keep going throughout the cold season. In this manner, take the motto “bring outdoors indoor” and be creative.


Winter Interior Trends

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Experts claim that minimal interior design will be one of the hot winter interior trends in 2021. Due to earthy tones color palette interiors, designing spaces is all about letting the materials speak for themselves. Additionally, ain’t nothing like a clean room in colors of nature to create a positive, calm, and warm environment.


Winter Interior Trends

Earth Tones Design

What’s better on winter days than coziness? And how to create killer cozy rooms? A wise choice of colors. Winter interior trends 2021 demand coziness, and warm colors, terrain colors such as terracotta, browns, warm greens, and rusty hues. And what’s the best of this color palette? It is perfect to highlight a modern luxury interior design project.

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Winter Interior Trends

Winter Interior Trends

Interior design is becoming greener, and we love it. Try to choose natural materials over synthetics. There are many luxury options, namely wood, stone, and metal. Also try to go for natural fabrics, like leather, cotton, and wool. In addition, add up vintage furniture to your interior design project. Not only reduce waste but also increase the value of your design over time. In case you’re looking for being innovative and doing a statement, give it a try to luxury sustainable furniture made of recycled materials. Luxury brand furniture offers more options than ever before.


Home Office Winter Interior Trend

Home Office Winter Interior Trend

With the pandemic going on, and job market trends evolving due to it, a room to work in at home is very important. But how to set the perfect home office? Comfort and functionality. A comfortable office chair, and an ergonomic desk. To make the room more pleasing, decorate it with plants, flowers, or artwork. It will also enhance creativity and productivity.

To properly inspire you, we suggest you to take a look at our Pinterest Modern Home Office mood board.

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2021 Winter Interior Trends on Interior Design

Suspension Lmap in Dining Room

Visual perception is all about light. In this manner, it is really important to set the right lighting fixtures in the right places. Pay attention to the room’s structure and the amount of natural light in it. Then, ask your client for the purpose of the room. Is it to family gatherings or business meetings, to meditate, or to make a movie night in?

To understand better how to choose the right lighting fixture for the room, we recommend you to take a read on the right lighting for the dining room.


Winter Interior Trends 2021

Winter Interior Trends 2021

Imperfection is uniqueness. Natural materials and handmade furniture are unique, so it’s time to embrace imperfection. Don’t be too demanding with texture, pattern, and color perfection. Ain’t nothing more beautiful than an authentic space, adorned with unique pieces made of natural materials from small businesses.


February 1, 2022
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