A New Art Deco Style? Get inspired by this colorful house in Miami!


The Art Deco style is known in interior design for lending elegance and an alluring rhythm to environments. Get to know the contemporary and florid touch of this colorful house decor in Miami!

That colorful home decor is synonymous with personality and boldness is no surprise. Inspired by the freshness they are able to add to the atmosphere, it is increasingly common to find decorations that have appropriated the power of colors to embrace new trends and beautify spaces. And why not go with the Art Deco style?

The newest project from designers Rafael Kalichstein and Joshua Rose, creators of the Citizen Artist brand, reaffirms the core values and deep artistry that have long defined the artists’ work in the world of interior design. Crafted around the skeleton of an existing 1950s Miami waterfront building, the new version stylized by the professionals features elements of Art Deco, mid-century modernity, even Golden Girls. All, however, filtered through a contemporary lens with the goal of “creating something genuinely new.” 

With more attention to color than the classic early 20th century style usually offers, learn more about the details of this colorful house decor.

The Inspiration In Art Deco Style:

In terms of aesthetics and design, the basic defining characteristics of the Art Deco style include geometric shapes, angular lines, color patterns, curves, and lots of glamour.  This style, which emerged in Europe in the 1920s also references other design elements and art movements, such as neoclassicism, modernism and cubism. To understand more details about this decoration and how to use it in your interior design projects, we suggest reading the article about the comeback of the style that makes the head of luxury and glamorous furniture lovers. 

An it was precisely with a bold proposal full of elegance that the duo of designers Rafael Kalichstein and Joshua Rose teamed up with architect Scott Joyce, of Scott Joyce Design in the creation of this house in Miami, reinvented by the Art deco style with pinches of contemoraneity. From handcrafted flourishes, custom designs, and furniture from various periods, the trio creates a unique sense of place in each room. 

A Colorful House Decor:

The original version of the beach house was expanded and now has materials such as plaster, leather, marble, metals, and vaulted ceilings. The choice of the color palette was not a mere coincidence: with a kaleidoscopic proposal, the color gambling reflects all the boldness in the construction of the rooms that uses a mix of colorful furniture — interior trend for 2023 — with floral wallpapers and traditional cabinetry. “Each room communicates with the next,” Kalichstein adds.

The at deco style living room is equipped with a custom long sofa, a Murano glass coffee table, and a beautifully textured rug. A palm tree-shaped floor lamp complements the room with a panel of leather-wrapped sliding doors with marble, quartzite and brass inlays that open to a television.

The kitchen, integrated with the dining room, offers more art deco details: curved island furniture and ornamental shaped cabinets. The gold-tone details of the stools also help convey sophistication while a ceiling light hovers over a 1970s brass and marble table in the dining area. In the bar area, the highlight is the sconce, which is decorated with hand-silvered mirror, quartzite cladding, and patinated brass cabinets.

The guest bedroom has peach hues while the bathroom gets a carved sodalite sink and a flamingo-themed wallpaper on grasscloth. The master bedroom is highlighted by the ultimate symbol of jazz-era glamour: a 24k gold leaf mural on plaster and fabric. To finish off the art deco style decor, there is a breathtaking custom chandelier of brass palm fronds! The primary bath is furnished with a bathtub and sconces, doors and mirror also in soft curves and… A lot of sophistication!


6 pieces to add an Art Deco Style touch to your interior decor:

Inspired by this colorful house decor, designed by interior design duo Rafael Kalichstein and Joshua Rose, we’ve separated some pieces to help you complete your Art Deco Style decor, which contains their own unique narrative articulated in the smallest details, just like this Miami house. Check them out:

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art deco style furniture, mirror withe marble detaills and wall sconce
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