Inside the Modern Mediterranean House Designed by Kelly Wearstler


Kelly Wearstler and the LA-based Masastudio create a Modern Mediterranean House. Let’s take a look inside and explore this stunning Family Home!

This Los Angeles family home created by Masastudio and Kelly Wearstler spreads a modern and warm ambiance. This incredible house feels like a Villa. The clients wanted something sculptural and artistic but, at the same time, a family environment. The interior designers worked closely with their clients to create a perfect bounding between indoors and outdoors. Look at this incredible modern Mediterranean house by Kelly Wearstler and Masastudio.

Al Sayed and Kelly Wearstler collaborated seamlessly to develop a cohesive and harmonious design encompassing architecture, interior, and landscape elements. Working with Andrea Cochran, who expertly oversaw the landscape design, the team delivered a modern yet inviting family home.

LA Family Home with Greek inspiration
living space with earth tones

This modern Mediterranean house is made of chalky white concrete and plastered with rendered plaster—the warm earth tones and rich texture of the interior complement the simple exterior. The clients of this incredible modern Mediterranean house were super involved in the interior design. They collected artwork, sourced furniture, and commissioned unique textiles.

Al Sayed created a stunning layout based on his travels to Morocco. All these spaces are separated and positioned between the masses so clients can circulate through the lovely courtyard, where we found an incredible old olive tree at the center of the house. Also, the art pieces are stunning, such as the sculpture by Anish Kapoor that hangs above a chair designed by Jonas Bohlin in 1980.

At the heart of the design, the main bedroom suite and offices anchor one corner of the residence, providing a private and tranquil retreat for the homeowners, the children’s bedrooms in the second corner. The kitchen and garage occupy the third, ensuring convenience and functionality for daily living. Another notable feature of the house is the inclusion of a library, bar, and an older child’s bedroom, thoughtfully positioned in the fourth. The strategic arrangement of the different areas creates a cohesive and free-flowing space throughout.

The living room, in particular, showcases an extraordinary earthy color palette that harmonizes seamlessly with the home’s exterior. Wearstler and her team sourced exquisite vintage pieces from Europe to add a touch of elegance. Among these treasures are a remarkable pair of 1966 lounge chairs designed by Valeria Borsani and Alfred Bonetti.

Modern Mediterranean House by Kelly Wearstler

The spacious pool pavilion is the highlight of this house. This area features an open conversation, an overside dining table custom-made from ebonized oak, and a set of resin and fiberglass dining chairs. To complete the look of this incredible division, a custom chandelier by Entler, a coffee table by Elin Aschberg and Frida Magnuson, and a trio of 1968 peaceful lounge chairs by Kwok Hoi Chan were added.

Combined with the remarkable vistas designed by Andrea Cochran, the interior design perfectly balances elegance and functionality, providing a truly extraordinary indoor-outdoor living experience. These carefully chosen materials create a warm and inviting atmosphere, infusing the house with soul and texture.

pool pavilion with a oak dining table and custom-made chairs.

The main suite of this incredible house is truly breathtaking. The seamless closet and bathroom integration creates a harmonious and elegant living space. The choice of Arabescato Corchia marble for the bathroom creates a luxurious and timeless atmosphere.

The sculpted bathtub adds a touch of artistry and sophistication to the room. The innovative use of a laser-cut privacy screen over the window ensures privacy and adds a unique and modern element to the design. The result is a stunning and captivating main suite that exudes luxury and creativity.

The interior design of this incredible house beautifully complements the surrounding landscape. Every aspect of the design, meticulously curated by Kelly Wearstler, harmonizes with the breathtaking environment. The pool house, in particular, stands out as the ultimate summer retreat.

The infinity pool seamlessly blends with the outdoor area, creating a captivating and tranquil oasis. The carefully chosen lounge chairs contribute to the serene ambiance, fulfilling the client’s desire for a family-oriented home with modern outdoor furniture.

Pool house by kelly wearstler

A Summer Oasis

The collaboration between Kelly Wearstler and Masastudio has resulted in an incredible house that seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor design. The modern and artistic style of this home is truly captivating. Combining modern architecture and Mediterranean influences creates a stunning oasis for families.

We hope this beautiful Mediterranean style inspires your modern summer interior design projects as much as it has inspired us. For further inspiration, we invite you to explore our Summer Home Ebook to help you to create the perfect summer oasis.

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