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Your are reading: MODERN DESIGN INSTALLATION weaves through Bangkok restaurant
MODERN DESIGN INSTALLATION weaves through Bangkok restaurant - Hommes Studio

MODERN DESIGN INSTALLATION weaves through Bangkok restaurant

Using rattan sculptures, an architecture studio Enter Projects Asia has created a modern design installation for the Spice & Barley gastro lounge in Bangkok. The studio has used gold hues to fuse Thai tradition with modern design.


The studio from Thailand used 3D-modelling to create large sculptures. They weave through the 300 square-metres space. This undoubtedly makes impressive views.

“We used 3D special effects software to simulate bubbles, foam and liquids to ‘suggest’ the foaming of beer and arrived at ‘fluid geometric shapes’,” says Patrick Keane, the director of Enter Projects Asia.



The sculptures were painted gold like Thailand’s gilded temples. Moreover, they play a practical role in the modern design installation. They hide the beer pipes, air conditioning and other related services.


The location of the restaurant is also important.

“The site overlooks the Chao Priya River and the natural rattan structures act as twin towers, referencing the high rise towers in the backdrop,” the studio said.

“The vast geometries flood the ceiling in an uninterrupted balustrade of twists and turns which bounce the light and become a beacon from far away.”

Enter Projects Asia also wanted the installation and interior design to be eco-friendly and reference local culture.

No plastic was used for the project. The design studio worked with local tradesmen on the rattan sculptures. Consequently, they chose the furniture for the project as well as created the design installation.

“All furniture is local and handmade,” Keane said. “It was intended to be natural and comfortable, especially the leather bar stools and banquettes in green leather.”

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Photos: William Barrington-Binns

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