Art Deco House: Inside the Luxurious Sri Lanka Property


Take a tour inside an Art Deco House designed by Eleven Studio that unites local architecture with an elegant interpretation, revealing the beauty of the Art Deco Style.

Surrounded by the glamours of Sri Lanka, nature lays an incredible Art Deco house Enhancing the traditional features of local homes, this project signed by Eleven Studio blends the beauty of nature with a beautiful interpretation of the Art Deco Style.

The Art Deco House

This Art Deco house is located in a large green property purchased by the family. Beyond the central building, where the couple lives, this extensive property still includes a Pool House with a pool view that separates two areas of the house, the balcony, and an oversized patio where a handmade mosaic that units marble and tile fragments recovered in different chromatic diversities, framed by a traditional teak porch, was build.

The mosaic that dominates the scene in the courtyard of this Art Deco house works as the only common thread between a naturalistic exterior and lavish interior spaces. Laid by hand, it mixes small fragments of marble recovered from factory waste with tiles purchased localy- a captivating and bold choice designed to identify the domicile.

art déco house
art déco house

Now heading to the living room, which is undoubtedly one of the most important places in a house, where people go to relax and socialize. For that reason, this area deserved extra attention in this project to provide a welcoming and comfortable feeling. Eleven Studio found the perfect balance between the Art Deco details and traditional touches, resulting in a place that exudes comfort and sophistication.

art déco house
art deco house living room

The equilibrium between styling choices and materials

The main concern in this project was to make the space modern and cozy, maintaining closeness to the typical local houses. The materials achieved the connection between these two characteristics. In this case, Sri Lanka’s architecture is based on clay roofs, coconut columns, and teak floors, all from local origins. To maximize the Art Deco flair, they used wrought iron and brass doors and frames, which created cohesion between environments without weighing on the visual impact.

This is visible, for example, on the brass-base dining room table created by local artisans, especially for the space. Another interior choice made by Eleven Studio’s group was to leave Bella Figura in charge of the wall appliques. The highlights of this room go to the incredible chandelier and the bold dining table – which blended styles in a beautiful way.

The contrast between the interior and exterior

Based on the desire to display an intense dialogue with the surrounding nature, the property’s surroundings contrast entirely with the inside space. Externally, the residence is reminiscent of the vegetation in which it is immersed in every way, in an uninterrupted flow with the scenery.

Eleven Studio’s team selected the interiors during the construction phase, so the choice of contrasting interiors and architecture is conscious. For example, the details that refer to sophisticated opulence always suit the most traditional materials.

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The blend between styles

Having plenty of space available, the team and owners chose to investigate two distinct artistic styles. The famous ‘Hollywood Regency‘ style is honored in one area of the home, the one that contains the private lounge and one of the two double bedrooms. This style is reflected in the green and pink upholstery, the numerous mirrors, and the use of silver as a primary color (the kitchen, for instance, is made of silver oak).

In the second area of the property, intense colors, patterns, tinted glass, and smooth shapes are characteristics of a Miami Art Deco house. This part of the house is the one that defines the other two bedrooms and the majority of the living room (where the two shades overlap in a delicate equilibrium).

What an inspiring tour! This Art Deco house proves a traditional local home can still be modern and stylish. We hope that this house has inspired you to upgrade your project. Find more remarkable ideas for indoors and outdoors on our projects page.

art deco style furniture, mirror withe marble detaills and wall sconce
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