Pantone 2021 – Yellow & Grey As The Colors Of The Year


Pantone 2021 with a chic color duo! We can assure you that these two colors are going to bright up your days.


Pantone 2021

The forecasted pairing, ‘Ultimate Grey’ and ‘Illuminating’ Yellow”, these are the colors that are going to shine in 2021.

pantone 2021

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This combination of colors wasn’t chosen occasionally, they have significance. The “Ultimate Grey” represents strength and resilience. The ” Illuminating Yellow” has of course the meaning of sunshine and brightness. It means hope for next year.

Pantone Color of the year

Yellow can combine perfectly in any room of your home, as you’re going to see. Just a simple touch of this color can transform and elevate the decor.

Pantone 2021

If you want to brighten up the house, the first option could be Illuminating Yellow! When a color means positivity, hope and, something to forward to, it is always a good choice.


Pantone 2021

Here’s an example of how the chosen colors for the next year would be perfect together. In this living room, we can see a lot more grey and just a simple touch of yellow! But it’s amazing to conclude that they work very well together.

home decor

Here’s an idea to complete your living room, for example. Hommés Studio Piano Rug, with a mixture of tones, including an illuminating yellow. How amazing would it be in your home!

Pantone 2021

When the colors are chosen, there is an intense study behind it, of how people react to color. How they feel and how they can identify themselves with only the name of the colors.

Pantone 2021

As we told you before, the main color yellow can fit in in any room you choose. The bedroom can also be that place of brightness!

Pantone Color of the year

Scille Dining Chair by Hommés Studio can be the solution for your dining room! It’s a luxury chair with an asymmetric seat! This statement piece is upholstered in Velvet, so this means comfort.

Pantone 2021

Pantone 2021 is here to give us the brightest year, full of sunshine! Our team wants to be part of your choices for 2021 and complete it with the most amazing and daring home decor. Side by side with Pantone Color of The Year, Illuminating Yellow, and Ultimate Grey.

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