How To Make A Stunning First Impression In Your Entryway Project


A good entryway project makes sure this room helps keep you organized on your way in and out and makes an excellent first impression on guests. Entryways are the perfect place to establish welcoming vibes in your home.
Whether it is a big foyer or a small space, this area is the first room you see when you walk into the house.

Read on because HOMMÉS Studio has put together the best input design tips to help you make a stylish first impression.

Use a Bold Color

Pink might not be the most obvious choice for a foyer, but it is the perfect choice in this home. This entryway design is for someone bold and audacious, that takes risks and is not afraid of rose-colored interiors.


Add Animal Print

Designers love animal prints for stair runners. They are a great solution at camouflaging muddy footprints, spills, and other wear and tear from daily life.


Add a Major Instrument

What better way to make a grand entrance than with a grand piano? In this entryway design, the shiny black piano maintains an elegant, formal air while the light wood flooring, modern glass elements, and worn leather pieces ensure a grounded welcome.


Light Up Your Entryway

If you are redoing the entryway, consider turning your front doors into glass panels to flood the entire space with natural light. The inky and sharp angles of the light fixtures and graphic area rugs assert a modern edge to the hallway. It is eclectic without being jarring.


Fill Negative Space

That awkward space under the stairs does not have to be so, well, awkward. An architectural stool and modern accents bring the perfect balance to fill that negative space under the stairs.


Choose a Statement Rug

A selection of luxury rugs to take your entryway design project to another level, with an aesthetic ranging from abstract, organic, and bold design. It will inject color and charisma into any division. Statement rugs have the power to create a new silhouette in your home.


Keep it Elegant and Luxury

Black-and-white marble entryway floors never go out of style. It creates a feeling of luxury and makes the perfect first impression for your guests.

Embrace Wood Tones

Wood tones make your entryway design warm and welcoming. Brass spindles on the staircase add another metallic touch.


Create a Gallery

Place some gallery in your entryway design, it is a way to bring some color to your project. You may have a simple and minimalist design, but some portraits bring a contemporary touch.


Keep it Small But Mighty

Even a corner can become a proper entryway with the right accessories. It is important to create a moment by the front door to pause and hang your coat.


Add Some Green

Traditional woodwork is anything but staid, thanks to lush green paint and black-and-white cement tile.


Highlight a Major Piece

An entryway is an ideal place to hang a favorite piece of art for maximum impact.


Add an Air of Hollywood Glamour

A dramatic staircase, zebra-print rug, and checkered marble floor make this black-and-white foyer feel like it has been pulled right out of an old Hollywood mansion.


Embrace Bahamian Glamour

From the trellis-covered walls to the palm frond chandelier, this foyer has a fantasy element, a sense of theater, like a stage set.


Add Some Graphic Appeal

Dying to incorporate a favorite wallpaper without blowing your whole budget? Use it in a small space to give a personal vibe to the room.


We really hope you liked our article. Feel free to pin all the images to your favourite Pinterest board. Meanwhile, you can also visit our Pinterest boards to get more inspirations.

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