Discover the Contemporary Beauty of the Lake Home


Designed by Fern Santini, this Lake Home combines modern design with classic and playful elements, resulting in a dreamy atmosphere.

Escape the everyday monotony with this stunning Lake Home on the picturesque shores of Lake Austin. The residence is a true masterpiece, blending various styles to create a unique and captivating design. The modern architecture draws inspiration from the surrounding Hill Country, utilizing locally-sourced materials. Fern Santini expertly combines contemporary and traditional elements to provide a one-of-a-kind living experience.

The Lake Home harmoniously combines architectural brilliance and natural beauty, resulting in an unmatched tranquil atmosphere. Every detail of the residence has been carefully designed to showcase the organic textures that blend seamlessly with the picturesque views of Lake Austin. This modern masterpiece is an excellent inspiration for home decor enthusiasts. This article will explore some of the highlights of this contemporary and peaceful Lake Home.

Step into the design of the Lake Home

As you enter the lobby, you’ll see the exquisite custom Alexander Lamont straw marquetry wall tiles designed by the talented Jean de Merry. The tiles showcase stunning geometric patterns which reflect the sunlight, creating a mesmerizing display. Adding to the allure, the lobby showcases an impressive collection of artwork by acclaimed Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, infusing the atmosphere with vibrant hues and dynamic energy. Completing the scene, Reinaldo Sanguino ceramic chairs and a Holly Hunt Brimstone console.

The lakeside home has seamlessly combined modern and classic styles by incorporating a visually appealing staircase. The staircase is made from reclaimed oak beams and features a sleek glass-and-brass railing. The home’s combination of vintage and modern elements gives it a unique and timeless appearance that is sure to impress.

This home’s spaces are exquisitely designed with meticulous attention to detail and adorned with an eclectic mix of unique art and decor. Every piece, from the vintage Belgian oak dining table to the antique rug in the kitchen, has been carefully chosen with significant consideration and attention to detail.

Santini aimed to give the home a blend of classic and modern styles by incorporating contemporary furnishings that serve both practical and artistic purposes. The furniture is of exceptional quality and gives the house a lively and dynamic feel. Notably, the dining room chandelier features colorful floating LEDs, while the living room has a circular hanging chair that adds to the space’s uniqueness.

The artwork at the Lake Home is exceptional and is a source of inspiration. The owners have consciously tried to support local Austin artists by displaying their creations. The living room boasts a magnificent Lance Letscher collage, and the breakfast area has an eye-catching neo-installation by Evan Voyles.

The game room bar boasts an inviting atmosphere with bold and striking colors that evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The bright green hue, reminiscent of the iconic Steve McQueen Jaguar, adds an eye-catching vibrancy to the space that is hard to miss.

If you’re a fan of interior design, you’ll be amazed by the breathtaking outdoor view of this home. The unique U-shaped highlights the impressive ancient oak trees surrounding the home. The landscape designers have added modular steel planter boxes that perfectly match the rectilinear frame of the house.

The outdoor living area of this residence is exquisitely designed to integrate with the picturesque surroundings of Lake Austin harmoniously. The expansive glass doors lead to a sizeable negative-edge pool and a raised deck that offers stunning views of the calm and magnificent Lake Austin. The space design is perfect for relaxation, and families can enjoy the scenic lake views while unwinding and having a great time.

This remarkable Lake Home seamlessly blends classic and modern design elements to create a picturesque setting where families can make unforgettable memories in a tranquil, natural environment. With its expansive living spaces, plush furnishings, and stunning lake views, this property is the perfect retreat for families looking to unwind and reconnect with nature.

We’re delighted that the Lake Home has inspired you as much as it has inspired us. If you’re seeking inspiration to develop a project that captures the spirit of modern and fun design, similar to the Lake Home, check out our interior design page for more ideas on your interior design adventure.

modern furniture, white wood sideboard for entryway

Photos: Casey Dunn

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