Art Deco Style in a Haussmann Architecture: A Parisians’ dream apartment


Mix all the glamour of a Haussmann Architecture with an Art Deco style decor: this apartment, by Pierre Lacroix, is pure luxury in the French capital! Check it out:

If there is one thing the French pride themselves on, it is their good taste in arts and history. When it comes to interior design, it couldn’t be any different. Known for their quality construction, high ceilings, spacious rooms, and boiseries on the walls, apartments with Haussmann architecture are increasingly valued.

Art Deco Style in a Haussmann Architecture

Architect and designer Pierre Lacroix, was commissioned to renovate the interior of this century-old 230 square meter apartment next to Parc Monceau in Paris. The space, transformed by time, was originally intended for a politician in the 1930s, who set up his office there.  

Check out more details about the renovation of this 3.80 meter high area, which was completely renovated in Art Deco style for a couple and their two children.

Haussmann Architecture: Art and history in One Place

This style of architecture revives modern 19th century Paris, which underwent a major urban renewal between the years 1853 and 1870 – with legacies that endure to this day. Apartments designed in Haussmann architecture epitomize the meaning of luxury and sophistication: crystal chandeliers, dramatic curtains, and a hint of ornate walls.

The construction matches perfectly with all the glamour present in the Art Deco style decoration, characterized by rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent detail work.


To revive the former glory of this apartment that had not been renovated in sixty years, Pierre Lacroix devoted himself to “perfecting all the historical elements” already present. The walnut double doors in the living room, the trumeau in the dining room, the fireplaces, mirrors, woodwork and frescoes are witnesses to a rich past, which have been carefully restored. 

Decorating a place in the art deco style requires, in addition to refinement, the choice of materials that further highlight the aesthetics of the strong and bold look that the style proposes. To further enhance this setting, Lacroix opted for natural materials such as stone, wood and marble, applying subtle shades and patinas. 

In the dining room, for example, a large vintage pendant light fixture hangs beneath a stunning oak table. The sideboard is made of lacquered metal and suede, while a set of mirror and sconces luxuriously adorn the marble fireplace.

In order to make the space even more functional, Pierre Lacroix redesigned the floor plan of the entire apartment. To do this, he added a new perspective of the park with a wooden table, TV rooms, living and master bedroom, as well as creating movable breakthroughs and doors to bring more light into the room.

The architect and renowned interior designer also rearranged the rooms to create comfortable spaces, using furniture designed by him and imposing hangings from an old 1930s movie theater to light up the living room and dining room. 


Art deco inspired upholstery fabrics mainly include velvets and leathers. Solid colors or fabrics with geometric designs of upholstered furniture are also considered true classics in this decorating style! 

In the kitchen, the highlight is the floor paved in beige stone and black marble, contrasting with the woodiness of the built-in furniture. The details for metallic pieces complement the environment with grace.

To further transform the art deco style aesthetic, the predominant palette of whites and beiges was complemented with touches of warm colors – such as red, orange, and ochre – to accentuate the cozy atmosphere of the living area. 

In the bedroom, the original frescoes, present in another room of the apartment, were restored and repositioned around the bed. Lacroix favored the woodwork and the classic elements of the very minimalist, monochromatic room (with a special touch for the pedestal lights on the sides of the bed and the travertine bedside table).

Art Deco Style in a Haussmann Architecture

Get inspired by the Art Deco Style Aesthetics:

Inspired by this stunning Haussmann architecture apartment designed by interior design Pierre Lacroix, we’ve separated some pieces to help you complete your Art Deco Style decor, which contains their own unique narrative articulated in the smallest details and boldness, just like this place. Check them out:

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Did you like this content? Then be sure to explore more unique and exquisite inspirations with Top 10 Art Deco Style Furniture to complete your interior design project!

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