Memphis Design – Creativity Having Fun in Las Rozas de Madrid 


A Memphis design fantasy that combines luxury, sustainability, transgression, and uniqueness was given life by Miriam Alía at the MADD Membership Club.

At las Rozas de Madrid is a dazzling club, the MADD Membership club, an exclusive social club, and a multidisciplinary space. The Avant-garde building is a structure with five floors that stands like a glass and iron box on a plot of nearly 4,500 square meters. 

The Memphis design in this stunning building creates an enjoyable experience and atmosphere that an open and bright space can make. 

The essencial element

Like with all the other styles, the light plays a crucial role. Nonetheless, design is a vital factor in Memphis design. They are distinguished by a structured approach from the 1980s, defined by strewn, vividly colored shapes and lines. It frequently combines black-and-white graphic patterns like polka dots and squiggly lines with shapes like circles and triangles.

MADD Membership club by Miriam Alías. A memphis design style ate las rozas de madrid
MADD Membership club by Miriam Alías. A memphis design style ate las rozas de madrid

Miriam Alía explains that light is the first thing she prioritizes when developing a project. She works lightly with columns, vertical sculpture walls, and pieces of furniture with suggestive shapes and volumes. The light helps to create different environments and sensory experiences.

The designer created all the furniture, which coexists with items from other designers in this Memphis design.

The wine cellar, a designated space in the image above, is where Miriam Alía experiments with various organic shapes. Clay elements were employed to provide an earthy appearance.

In the image above are all the characteristics of Memphis design the unique shape of the yellow chair, the vivid colors present in the painting, and the shaped rug with warm colors. The interior designer, Miriam Alía, intended to interact with and accentuate the environment’s natural features and natural light, which makes this Memphis design look more tenuous.

Las Rozas de Madrid Rooms

This magnificent glass box resides in Las Rozas de Madrid and has numerous rooms, each of which is decorated in a strikingly distinctive manner. Miriam Alía tried to give each room a different “soul” based on what it stood for.

MADD Membership club by Miriam Alías. A memphis design style ate las rozas de madrid

The first thing that the clients would see is this reception with this yellow vibrant color and the two benches with so much personality in them. Each piece makes the room loos distinguished and beautiful.

The centerpiece of this elegant reception, at las Rozas de Madrid, is a methacrylate stage, and behind it is a wave shelf with a sparkling, playful back. A large vase from Valyty Place is displayed on the bar.

MADD Membership club by Miriam Alías. A memphis design style ate las rozas de madrid

This stunning purple private room, where the designer explains played with the shapes of the mirrors, iridescent materials, and the adjustable lights that change colors. The yellow vase standing out of all the coloring used in the room helps us understand the playful Memphis design of the designer.

MADD Membership club by Miriam Alías. A memphis design style ate las rozas de madrid

As said before, one of the easiest ways to identify the Memphis design is the different shapes that link to this blue lounge. In Las Rozas de Madrid, livingroom was used a Curved white sofa and powerful blue armchairs connected by a blue rug; as the designer explained, “Everything is wrapped in a box formed by a lattice that we made with pieces of concrete and stone.”

The Favourites of Miriam Alía

“In the corner of this room is the Rockola mirror, one of the Studio’s pieces that I love, together with the Roly-Poly Chair by Toogood in a strong hue to shatter,” explains the designer Miriam Alía.

MADD Membership club by Miriam Alías. A memphis design style ate las rozas de madrid

On the first floor in La Roze de Madrid is an iconic purple corner that the designer expresses as the one space to gain her favoritism because of the different shape chairs and the different but trendy mirror with varying shades of purple. Underneath is the designer’s interpretation of a women’s changing room.

Any room never seems “too much” because Miriam Ala used the most basic form of all the things in all the rooms; that is the creation of a fantastic designer who wanted to evoke a sense of fantasy or magic without becoming overtly character for this club.

MADD Membership club by Miriam Alías. A memphis design style ate las rozas de madrid.

Las Rozas de Madrid displayed the designer’s favorite design trends. Where the Memphis design is done elegantly, using pastel color combinations, the widest variety of furniture pieces, and creative mirror placement, entering this glass box is like slipping into a world of dreams from which you don’t want to depart.

We chose a few of the magnificent pieces that we would recommend for this stunning MADD Membership Club.

We hope you love Miriam Ala’s project design and are inspired to let your imagination run wild. On our project page, you can see more fantastic examples for your future projects and learn about more stunning interior design ideas.

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Photo by FHE | Source : revistaAD
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